Dangly Bits  

wraecca 41M
284 posts
3/12/2005 1:12 am

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9/21/2010 1:36 pm

Dangly Bits

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rm_ChiChi2727 48F

3/14/2005 4:15 pm

You are just....yummy! Thanks for posting, reading your ramblings is always a delight!

wraecca 41M
358 posts
3/14/2005 10:55 pm

hey chi chi...

i wish i could see your photo better.
you look delicious.


rm_ChiChi2727 48F

3/19/2005 5:18 am

I am delicious! You should have a bite...
What's your email addy, I will send you a few if you like..

wraecca 41M
358 posts
3/20/2005 1:59 am

Perhaps i could
Hint at it
In cryptic speak
Like hide and seek with
Zebras who walk
In tall stripes of grass
Never to be seen and
Endlessly lost

Almost licking
Ticking sticking

Your delicate
Almond shaped eyes offer
Hints of the exotic
Opals for irises and
Ordinary magic

Don't try to
Orientate yourself
Too soon

Come closer
Almost inside my skin

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