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8/18/2006 10:06 pm

Yesterday,a bad day turned into a good day!!I was having lots of problems with my work.So that night after none of my female colleauges were willing to go dinner with me,it makes my day worse.So,i went to a pub to have a drink.The pub i went to had lots of people dancing.I decided to looking for girls .I was lucky to find 2 babes drinking together.I joined them and started having a conversation.Here what we said:
ME:hi girls!
1 of them:hi
ME:can i buy u a drink?? sumthing likethat)pls
(i went to buy)
ME:here u go.
ME:hey u wanna dance?
they actually didn't want but i managed to persaude them.The 3 of us really start dancing.Soon they were hitting the moves!!I started getting close to them.However they were tired and went to rest.
ME:May i know both of your names?
2ofthem:kelly and evelyn for another drink?
evelyn:no thanks,i want to dance.
i went to buy the drink and went back to dance with evelyn.i don't what i am dancing as my hands keep going near her chest.(oops!)She didn't really care though.Then,she squatted down near my dick,took her tongue out and was like licking my dick!I didn't know what to do at first.She took my hand and we went back to where kelly was.Kelly was drunk!!Evelyn then told me that they were sisters and were looking for guys to laid.I bought her vodka hoping she would get drunk.Turn out i needed 3 cups.i took to my home by taxi.They were too drunk.kelly even vomit.Finally we reached "home"i got to piggyback 1 and carry the other.i am going to post again as i think they are awake.

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