Returning to the AFF world...  

wombat_ 50M
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11/22/2005 3:25 am

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Returning to the AFF world...

It has been well over 2 years since I was last on AdultFriendFinder. A few girlfriends (one I met on AdultFriendFinder), 3 house moves, 1 change of car and a little less hair later and I am back to experience the unique and entrancing online "dating" phenomenon.

Firstly I thought I would investigate the competition and checked out (via the browse option) the number of members and those looking for a late thirties, divorced businessman.

Thats when my obsession with the numbers began. I took the information from 8 countries and was very surprised how similar the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Egypt, Canada, Germany and France were.

81-82% of the people online are males with the only real variation being Egypt where 94% of them are men. What is amazing is that a staggering 14% of men are looking for a 2 female couple yet couples (2 females) seeking men is less than 0.1%. Now they are tough odds to run against.

It is truely amazing how the numbers across all 8 countries seemed to be almost identical in terms of percentages of men versus woman versus couples with the exception of Egypt with far less woman. A conspiracy theorist would claim the numbers are all rigged by AdultFriendFinder.

There were a few surprises. My previous experience on AdultFriendFinder tended to reflect a large number of woman seeking woman. I recall it became very frustrating seeing a nice pic or a nice profile and the realising the lady was only looking to explore her bi curiosities. However, in terms of men seeking men and woman seeking woman it is about the same at 2-3%. So there are as many men seeking to explore their bi curious side as there are woman. Facinating.

So for those also intrigued by the numbers here is the averages across the 8 countries which surprisingly are almost identical for all countries.

Men seeking Men 3%
Men seeking Women 53%
Men seeking Couples (MF) 7%
Men seeking Groups 5%
Men seeking Couples (2 F) 14%
Men seeking Couples (2 M) 1%
Men seeking TS/TV/TG 1%
Women seeking Men 3%
Women seeking Women 2%
Women seeking Couples (MF) 1%
Women seeking Groups 0%
Women seeking Couples (2 F) 1%
Women seeking Couples (2 M) 0%
Women seeking TS/TV/TG 0%
Couples (MF) seeking Men 1%
Couples (MF) seeking Women 3%
Couples (MF) seeking Couples (MF) 2%
Couples (MF) seeking Groups 1%
Couples (MF) seeking Couples (2 F) 1%
Couples (MF) seeking Couples (2 M) 0%
Couples (MF) seeking TS/TV/TG 0% what does that mean to us folk? Well initially it would be intriguing to analyse the numbers by age and marrital status and some other selection criteria. But I am sure AdultFriendFinder wont make such things easily available so for now its back to the search for that perfect match. Yeh right!

Looking at the numbers, there are 53 men per hundred looking for a lady and only 3 woman looking for a man. So that is roughly 1 woman per 18 men. Now if you consider the national average of females versus males and excluding the current younger ( sub 18 ) generation there are approximately 1.1 females per male. Men seem more inclined to venture online by a loooooong shot!

What would be fascinating is the number of married men on AdultFriendFinder. I would guess pretty confidently that for every married woman online there are 20 married men! Men really can be bastards..hehehehe.

So what that really means, is that there are heaps of single woman in pubs, clubs and coffee shops who arent online and are lonely because all the males are on AdultFriendFinder trying to land a quick no strings attached sexual encounter with woman who really just want to land another woman to explore their bi curiosity!! Maybe I should head back to the pub instead of being online.

So do these numbers surprise anyone else? I am amazed how the trends seem to be are horney cheaters everywhere in the world!!!

Now I need to analyse the strategy for succesful online AdultFriendFinder encounters. Maybe the next post.

Good luck.

crystal_crystal 42F
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11/22/2005 4:19 am

There may be lots of fella's on AdultFriendFinder but most of them are crude, rude and have no idea how to string a sentence together. How many would walk into a pub and start a conversation with "want a fuck"? Well I wish they'd stop doing it in messages to me. Dont worry about the extreme competition - most men are sh*t at writing an email and at least capturing some interest. At least you know how to write.


sleeplessknight1 69M

11/22/2005 5:08 am

Wombat, good post....
I love statistics and figures...... odds are against men...

good luck with the eye catching profile and Blog......

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2muchwoman4some 42F

11/22/2005 7:11 am

Very interesting post.

I know of many people in my part of the country who have multiple accounts. Not just one or two, but 4 and 5 screennames. That type might skew your numbers. But still fascinating. Welcome back and have fun

wombat_ 50M

11/22/2005 12:17 pm

You know I had never considered that soemone would have more than 1 account. I guess that makes me the bunny or very naieve. Actually, I'm not even sure why someone would have multiple accounts? And yes, this would skew the numbers as does the fact that the way AdultFriendFinder reports this reflects mutiple entries per person. For example, if you are a man seekign a woman and seeking maybe a couple then you'd be counted twice. Thats why discrete numbers arent as valid as the trends and percentages. Given all of the above though, the way they equally map across the globe is amazing (or an AdultFriendFinder conspiracy).

rm_MustangD6644 53M
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12/10/2005 12:33 am

Hi wombat; Welcome to blogland, good to see another Victorian on board with an active blog. Maybe we can encourage crystal crystal to start a blog as well, poor shyvixen is virtually flying solo as far as Victorian women with active blogs are concerned. Drop over and visit my blog soon.

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