What Is It With Those Men?  

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11/6/2005 11:18 am

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What Is It With Those Men?

Two consenting adults meet. They have great conversation, they laugh, they share a meal, a couple glasses of wine, a movie, any or all the things two people who, to all appearances, enjoy each other’s company can share together.

Then, as two consenting adults, they share each other’s bodies, play, tease, tickle, laugh, stroke, fuck, suck, lick, caress, kiss…repeating as often as necessary in the course of an intimate encounter.

The aftermath of such an enjoyable event is silence. Sometimes, after a small period of time has passed, there is a short, friendly inquiry made and the inquiry is ignored. No further contact.

I don’t get the “notch on the bedpost” mentality of some men. (See, I am even giving latitude and allowing for the range of human nature and refraining from saying “all” men. But I’m still fucking thinking it.) I am not asking for marriage, not asking for support, not asking that a man pay for everything, not asking for anything except to continue to share occasional great times with a so-called great person that I like. Or thought I liked. Who, I thought, liked me. Is “like” too much of a commitment? Is that the problem? Is the problem that other than obliging my desires by dropping my panties to the floor and spreading my legs that I expect anything at all? Is the problem that I’m expecting civility? Manners? A goddamn two or three minutes of a man’s time to respond to my one phone call or email or instant message?

I read somewhere once that a relationship can force us to revisit every feeling and memory in the legend of ourselves. Two consenting adults…hmm…maybe that’s assuming too much. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe only one of them is adult. The question is which one?

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