My Naughty Holiday Thoughts  

womanoirish 55F
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11/29/2005 12:11 pm

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My Naughty Holiday Thoughts

You might as well put me down on the naughty list. The holidays are approaching and you might ask yourself, does an atheist celebrate Christmas? Or you might not give a fuck and just pop open another beer and watch the 49er’s take a pounding. Again.

Why yes we do, says the atheist! And it doesn’t look much different from the capitalistic American Christmas the rest of you celebrate. Atheists enjoy celebrations with family and hot drinks by the fire with good friends just as much as the rest of you. Something religions didn’t invent, by the way, you have our early ancestors to thank for that comforting tradition.

But, I have a question. Something that I wondered about while deep in the miry clay of Christian fundamentalism and could never get answered. Probably one of the reasons I crawled out of the religious muck and washed myself clean in the purifying waters of atheism. (Yes, please feel free to place visual here of my wet, soapy, blasphemous breasts)

So, how did the Virgin Conception really happen? Oh I know what the texts say. However, humans are inherently bound by the physics of biology and in order for that Conception to occur two humans (or one human and one supernatural being turned human, if you believe in that sort of thing) had to do the dirty deed. Or, in this case, Holy Copulation. I mean, you have to wonder what happened the night Virgin Mary got pregnant. Was it at night? Perhaps it was an afternoon quickie. Out on a warm spring day, up against the stable wall, skirts pulled up to her waist, God’s butt cheeks pinched tight together as He slams into Virgin Mary’s slick, wet pussy. You know she had to be wet, too. I mean, it’s her God with his Big-God-Cock and what woman wouldn’t cream her thighs at seeing God Incarnate walking towards her with a huge hard-on?

Or maybe it did happen at night. He stole into her bed. Whispering sweet nothings to her as He quietly slides under the blanket. Takes her in His arms. Soft kisses, tongues sweetly tangling. His big hands on her soft breasts, teasing her nipples...sliding down to her creamy thighs…parting them ever so gently. His fingers tracing from her thighs back up to her belly and then, as she gasps, His fingers dip lower. Lightly tickling the curly triangle between her thighs. Brushing against the wet nub of her clit protruding from her lips. She gasps. His fingers brush again and she moans. His fingers probing her moist warmth, seeking entry. One finger. Sliding gently. Soft moaning. Two fingers easing ever so gently and softly stroking. Hips raising. He shifts on top of her, his throbbing cock poised at her wet entrance. Soft creamy thighs wrap themselves around His waist. Moving slowly, He penetrates into her tight, wet pussy. Circling His hips delicately, He eases Himself deeper into her wet warmth. Virgin moans softly escape and He leans down to kiss her softly. He plunges into her, then retreats to plunge again, His face suffusing with a Holy Glow as she begins to instinctively move with Him, quicker and quicker and quicker. Their bodies surrounded by soft Light as the Holy Spirit joins in.

What? This is MY blog. If there are supernatural beings that want to get it on with humans, don’t you think the Holy Ghost was watching this little tryst and whacking off in the corner? And since the Good Book says that the Son existed before He was born in human form, don’t you think Jesus was joining in? Making it a nice little foursome…the Holy Gang-Bang? Now, there’s a mind-fucking idea…the Son doinking the Virgin Mary resulting in His own Conception.

If people want to insist on the idea of a supernatural world that they cannot prove or see, then I say anything goes. Especially when it involves the Holy Trinity lusting after human virgins in order to Save The World. Nothing is too great a sacrifice for that. So remember, when you fuck during this holiday season, do it to honor the Greatest Fuck of All.

enjoyntheview 62M  
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12/8/2005 7:56 pm

I shall lite a holiday candle for this Goddess during the holiday season. (Perhaps she might join me after for some hot wax)

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