how freaky are you?  

wkzfinestfreak 42M
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8/1/2006 1:51 pm
how freaky are you?

I was jus wondering how many tru freaks are out thur? you kno if you ask sumone of course they r going to say the get down and are freaky but when it comes down too it they're y is it because they want you to like them more or simply telling you what you wanna hear ....or is it that they are real freaks they jus dont like to show it?....hell i say if you are a tru real freak and you love hott sweatti kinky slap ur ass sex dont b ashamed of it, stand up and admit it...what do u think?

cutejellybean2 39F

8/1/2006 7:48 pm

i agree babe, slap my ass, pull my hair, stick it in my ass, banging it hard in all positions and then pull it out and let me suck u off!

How is that for a freak!

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