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Hello. My name is Mark. Like everyone else at these personal sites I am seeking a
“Lady Friend” to have some good “CHAT” time with. I am sending this Email to anyone that looks intelligent enough to appreciate reading it. (and, just because I can)
This document is intended to provoke “Thought“, not “Anger“.
If you read this document and feel you would like to reply, please do so.
Sometimes this document will have gaps when sent as a Email. Sorry about that.
I hope you enjoy reading what I call “My Rant On Religion”
(and a few other “Silly Things” Keep It “REAL”. Have A GREAT DAY! Mark
I ask that you PLEASE take the time to READ this document and then take some time to THINK about what you have just read. It is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE on this planet. The future of MANKIND is at stake.
I am 50 years old and think of myself as the Average American with a not so average perspective on life. I was born into a typical Irish/Italian/Catholic family. I suffered though all of the Catholic rituals and did Bible studies for 10 years.
I was a “BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN” in the 70’s for two years. (a “FAD” in So California) I knew the Bible well and could “Preach” your ears off. I often said …“Jesus is a friend of mine”. or “Follow me, I’m following Jesus, we will both end up in Heaven”
I was one of the best “RECRUITERS” at The Calvary Chapel Church in Costa Mesa Calif
One Sunday in the middle of a service at church I realized it was all just a “State of Mind”
The “Power of Suggestion“, a “Concept by which we measure our pain” (John Lennon)
My “LIGHTS” came on and I could see clearly. I started to “Smile” and knew WHY.
I felt like I just fell on the ‘Right Side” of the fence. With No Limits on my ability to learn and seek the Truth in life. Everything started to make perfect, and rational sense to me.
I decided to be “Absolutely Honest” in my life. I accepted the “REAL TRUTH”.
For the last 30 years I have referred to myself as an “Absolute Realest”. We are a small percentage of the population but the only ones who really “GOT IT RIGHT”. I analyze everything and anything to be sure it meets three simple concepts. Is it REAL? Is it the TRUTH? Is it POSSIBLE within the laws of PYSICS? Depending on who is reading this I would like to come on your program or to your organization to discuss these concepts and how they apply to the following…. The LIST.
Gods, Religions, Heaven, Hell, the Devil, Jesus, (and his last three days)
the Resurrection, Immaculate Conception, the” Virgin Mary”, Angels, Incantations,
Divine Intervention, Miracles, “GOD” speaking to anyone,
(“GOD” made me do it, or was it The “DEVIL“, they both sound the same and have the same “EGO“ The miss interpretation of 40 days and 40 nights throughout the Bible, The TEN Commandments, FALSE GODS ?, Spirits, The Holy Ghost, (BOO!) Catholic “Fathers” being celibate, and their unnatural sex lives/abuses,
Baptisms, Holy Water, Praying to “God”, (and getting an answer, God can carry on a different conversation with millions of people at the same time. He is most busy right before bedtime. Is god a computer?) Noah’s Arch, Adam & Eve, Sodom & Gomorra, (and all other over embellished religious stories claimed to be real, I call “Bible Babble“ Religious Prophecies, Religious Sacred sites, Religious History, Visions of Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Apparitions, the Incorruptible such as
St Margaret and other religious sacred relics, The Holy Grail, The Bible and who wrote it, or didn’t and when, Religious Images and Icons (paintings/crucifix) The Vatican, The Pope, Priest, Evangelist, Faith Healing, the concept of SIN and Sinners, Saints, People Possessed by a Demon, Exorcists, Satanist, (and other “Cults, Kooks and Koolaid People“ Astrology, (so silly, Jesus 4/17 and Hitler 4/20 are both Aries. I would be too if I believed. I am 4/17,same as “CHRIST“
Churches, Confession, Communion, Conformation, Catholic rituals, (the C words)
Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, Gargoyles, Gremlins, Gypsies, Genies in a Bottle, Greek Mythology, (the G words) Psychics, Profits, Poltergeist, Premonitions, Precognitions, Para Normal Activity, (the P words) Life after Death, Time Travel, Fate, Destiny, Fortune Tellers, Séances, Superstitions, Nostradamus, Deities,
The “Full Moon” and its effects on some people (I call it… “FOOL MOON“ Dreams and the power of Human Imagination, Near Death experiences,
Mental Telepathy, Tarot Card, Tea leaf and Palm Readers, Clairvoyance, Mystics,
Things that go BUMP in the night. Haunted Houses, (and all other bldgs)
Qui Gee Boards, Crystal Balls, Magic, Voodoo Dolls, Witches, Warlocks, Witch Drs, Wizards, Sorcery, Sacred Cows, Monkeys and Rats, Pet Psychics (very funny),
Santa Claus, (he knows when you’ve been Bad or Good) The EASTER BUNNY, (and other Icons of Fertility) Reincarnation, UFOS, Alien Abductions, “Area 51“, Roswell N.M., “Life” on other planets, Anything we call “SUPERNATURAL”,
And anything else that is UNREAL, UNTRUE, and IMPOSSIBLE.
Now apply the same three concepts to the TRUTH about NATURAL EVOLUTION.
As the most intelligent animal species on this planet we need to BE HONEST, GET REAL, and stop “FOOL”ing ourselves. It is either ALL TRUE, or NOT TRUE AT ALL
There is NO GRAY AREA. It is Black or White, Right or Wrong
The difference between Genius and Stupidity is that Genius has its limits.
After the power of “Mother Nature”, the “Power of Suggestion” is the strongest power
known to man. Like ripples in water, sometimes the power of suggestion can not be stopped. Good or Bad. ( The RED CROSS or The NAZI’S )
No HUMAN has ever been born having any knowledge of, or believing in anything on
The LIST. We must be taught to believe. All “HUMANS” are born as “Animals”, just like all other animals. We must be taught to be a Human and how to behave as a person, not an animal. If a Human was left entirely in the wild from birth, (if he could survive, we are so helpless at birth) he would live more like an animal. He would have a large enough brain to ponder the question… Where did I come from? Then his IMAGINATION does it’s wonders and he believes what ever makes him feel the best. (a form of “Natural Selection”, Darwin was right!) It is impossible to disprove something that exists only in the HUMAN IMAGINATION. You can not disprove something that never was real to start with. All other animals live only in the REAL WORLD. They KNOW nothing about all of the SILLY things HUMANS believe in. Are there “PSYHIC” animals that know what us humans are thinking? Has any other form of life on the planet other then humans ever had the thoughts? What am I? Where did I come from? How did I get here? What happens to me when I die? Have they IMAGINED their own answers and have beliefs us humans don’t even know about. (They don’t go to church) Do animals IMAGINE like humans do? I don’t believe they can to the extent that humans can. You can not disprove a STATE OF MIND. I believe that all religions are the "Biggest Farce Ever Perpetrated on Mankind“. There have been, and still are “THOUSANDS” of different religions in human history. Most humans believe in only one God or religion at a time.
Meaning they are “ATHEIST” to all the others. I am Atheist to all religions. (that’s Fair)
If a person only knew ONE thing about any GOD and religion,
and that one thing is that they are False, a product of mans very fertile “Imagination”,
that person would actually and factually know more then the POPE about GOD.
We need to teach our children the 4 “Rs”…. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and “REALALITY“. We need an “EVOLUTION REVOLUTION” before we destroy our potential future. We no longer need the FEAR OF GOD and the DEVIL or going to Heaven or HELL. to get people to do GOOD and not BAD. We have laws and courts that take care of those problems now. Everyone should be a good person because they want to naturally. If people are taught to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING at a young age we can STOP a lot of HATE from growing INSIDE of our children. There would be less people BLOWING THEMSELVES UP with HATE for others. Before anyone is a White race, Black race, Asian race, Latin race, Arab race, we are all part of the “HUMAN RACE“.
It is “NOT US ATHEIST” going around “MURDERING” thousands of people every
year because of our “FAITH”. Though mans history millions have been tortured and murdered for mans quest for GOD, GREED, GOLD, GLORY, GROUND, GIRLS. (the first four are not necessary to live a good life) The most dangerous animal that has ever lived on this planet are Human Males, between the ages of 15 and 45. More people have lost their lives at the hands of young men and their agenda. It is not the WOMAN responsible for all the killing. Most woman are smarter then most men. Woman have better priorities. Woman build the families that Men tear apart.
More people have been murdered in the name of “GOD” then have died in all Natural Disasters combined. “GOD made me do it”.
We need to stop killing for GOD and start taking care of each other as Good Humans.
Then we can say.. “INTELLIGENCE” made me do it”. ( a good reason)
The only REASONS anyone believes in any of the LIST are purely “EMOTIONAL”
There are Possibilities and Probabilities in life. Just because something’s seem Possible, does not make them Probable. Just because you can “Imagine” something, does not make it “Real“.

Some “CHRISTIANS” who read this document are offended. That is not my intentions.
Some even become “HOSTILE” when their “FAITH” is questioned. (I’ve been called
The Anti Christ by some, that is simply Ridiculous) If you can separate yourself from your emotional “NEED TO BELIEVE” and think with your HEAD and not your heart then I say “LETS TALK”. Maybe you can add something to The List. If you think any other subject is more important to our future, I would say,
Your NOT THINKING at all. I hope YOU are. Thank you for your time. PEACE!
KEEP IT REAL. Mark. AdultFriendFinder

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