wiz' dating etiquette guide...  

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10/4/2005 12:12 pm

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wiz' dating etiquette guide...

Thought I'd throw together some things I've learned - not that I'm smarter than anyone else, but these are things I've learned in the few years I've been engaged in extracurricular activities. A few of them are geared toward how to get people to respond to you but most are centered on how to get *me* to respond to you

Humor is intended here. I'm not really this cynical or self-centered, I just figured we could all have a good laugh - so here we go:

1. Be yourself.

Everybody here is trying their best to filter the gems from the morons from a short profile and maybe a picture. No two people are an exact match and no two people are looking for exactly the same thing. Best you can hope for is a reflection of some or most of your desires. Relationships (even one-night hookups) are give and take. Chances are the person on the inside is pretty gorgeous if you give them a chance to be.

2. Be creative.

What makes you different from everybody else? I think the girls here get tens or hundreds of emails a day - why should they read yours? If you can't be smart or witty, at least be funny.

3. Be honest.

Honesty always works even if there's no attraction there. If you're new to something, think you might like to try it but are unsure, say so. I'm generally more impressed with what people *don't* know than with what they do. If all you're looking for is cyber, just say so - people may accomodate you. If you don't have any intention of following through with a hookup, say so. Honesty is always the best policy

4. Don't be a moron.

Go ahead - send me an email that says 'I've got 8 inches and will have you crying for Mommy'. Emails like that are mostly amusing, since they tell me the person really doesn't think they can do right by you and are overcompensating for their own insecurity. I figure somebody who sends me an email like that has little to no chance of being the person I'm looking for, so I chuckle at the email and then delete it. See #1 - be yourself. The easiest way to attract my attention is by being honest and being real - and being real means there might be things about us that don't click. Nothing wrong with that as long as the major stuff clicks

5. It doesn't really matter what you look like.

A lot of people are diamonds in the rough - they might not be packaged as well as some others but are just beautiful on the inside if you give them half a chance. I'm pretty hefty but losing and as long as a person's size doesn't interfere with normal sexual activity I'm pretty damned happy. I don't care much for hardbodies - and feel that anybody who does put physical attraction over everything else is missing out on the best people in the world - and that's a damn shame. I'm cute but have my flaws too

6. My favorite rant - people who don't think before they try to date.

Like it says above, don't be a moron. I said something in my profile about someone who didn't think it was necessary to shower before an encounter where sex was probable - and it's about the biggest turnoff I've ever seen. It absolutely boggles the mind that someone wouldn't shower, brush their teeth, use mouthwash, breath mints, deodorant, and so on before an assignation. The one that *really* blows my mind is that a lot of people don't think to trim their fingernails before exploring someone. I know a lot of female sex workers and this is a lot more widespread than one would think. Fingernails are sharp, guys. Do be yourself. Don't be a moron

7. Ask for what you want.

Most people aren't mindreaders. If you have something in mind, ask. At worst I'll politely decline - but if one is looking for a mutually satisfying encounter that means two-way communication. If you're interested in something I've got to offer but might not be interested in something else, ask anyway. Worst that could happen is I'd say 'no thank you' - best that could happen is we'd both learn a little something. If you're shy (and I am), ask in email. I've found this is the best medium for me to get things across - it's usually better for me to get most of the details worked out before we go face to face - as then it's a little harder for me to communicate. Again, if there's something you like or don't like, ask - if you don't quite match to what I'm looking for, ask anyway

8. Most important - take a chance.

Most people are a little nervous but most people are also a lot more understanding when you get them in the same room. You can't win if you don't play.

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