another straight period and 30 day assessment  

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10/12/2005 12:18 pm

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another straight period and 30 day assessment

Well, it looks like I'm beginning another straight period in my life. I don't arbitrarily rule out anything, but over the past couple of weeks the girls have been getting my motor running a bit more than the boys have

My bi tendencies come and go - although I wouldn't rule out an encounter with a man right now I'm entering a phase where the girls are getting pretty darned interesting. I've said for years that I'm 90% straight - but sometimes that 10% can be a hell of a lot of fun with the right guy.

I've met a couple of pretty neat women here - and am corresponding with another one right now. I'm having a grand time exploring female anatomy and learning a lot about pushing the girls' buttons - the amazing thing about women is that when properly aroused their whole body becomes one pretty good-sized erogenous zone. If I was a girl I'd never leave the house

So boys, keep those emails and winks coming in - and remember, I'm not nearly as cynical as my profile suggests - I just needed something to keep the pudwackers and tire-kickers out of my mailbox.

And girls - I'd love to hear from you.


Well, I'm ready to make my initial assessment of - I know all y'all have been dying to hear what I think

I've sent out probably a hundred winks/emails/whatever in the last month and here are the stats so far:

Two successful hookups

Two failed hookups (one my fault, one not my fault).

Three additions to my network.

Two very nice conversations that ended when we found we were looking for different things.

One very nice conversation that just dropped off into nowhere.

One very nice conversation that seems to be progressing just fine even though we're looking for different things.

One conversation where a member recommended I contact her non-member friend - I haven't followed up on this one yet.

47(?) advice column answers.

More later...

-- wiz

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