I think my uterus hates me.  

witty1960 57F
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7/8/2006 11:19 am
I think my uterus hates me.

I don't get laid nearly enough and it seems as if the times I do have the chance I start my period. I know part of it is my age, the poor old thing is old and tired, eggs probably float by now lol.
Being all excited about my lover coming last night and what does my uterus do, decide to go into active mode two weeks early. I think it was communicating with my sister's, who I was with last weekend.

For men who don't know, if you're around women a lot, your cycles will start to syncronize. It's like they communicate or something, very strange phenomenon. I'm suprised at some time in history not every women was on the same cycle and rose up and killed every man lol. That would make a good horror story, you could call it, "The Flow" lol.

Still got fucked good, but not the same, no oral, although I can say anal gets better after the first time, thank god lol.

One thing I'm sure of, if there is a god, menstruation proves he's a man. No woman would do this to us lol.

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