Camping alone  

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8/13/2006 8:08 pm

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Camping alone

Well I got stood up this weekend. Wasn't great weather, didn't really get to get some sun until today. I still had fun, but was annoyed at nature and men in general.

I'm tired of getting stood up, dumped without so much as a word. Why the fuck make a date and then stand someone up? Do you get some kind of thrill thinking you can get someone waiting for you to stand up? It's better to just pretend you want to make lovers than to actually go through with it and have some fun???

There's so many moods for me to choose from at this point, disapointed, angry, frustrated, furious, hurt, sad. I wish for a change I could feel, satisfied, fufilled, worn out.

I had so many fantasies of places and positions around the campground. It's been a long time since I fucked in the woods and will admit that I satisfied myself a few times but it just wasn't the same lol. So there's a few weekends left until summer is over and the cold weather hits. Anyone up to some camping????

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