The Catalog of Lies (With My Commentary In Blue)  

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7/19/2006 1:42 am

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The Catalog of Lies (With My Commentary In Blue)

These are YOUR public words about me. I never once posted anything publicly about you or to you. But you just won't shut up. My previous post details the FULL email correspondence between us. Now let's examine the things you've posted publicly about me, shall we?

6/23 (In the blog of another rude person, where I had responded to her unwarranted attacks on me)

"Liar? You want to call someone a liar? You try to portray yourself as this all understanding "nice guy", as you call yourself all the time, yet you have absolutely no tolerance for anyone's opinions unless they match your own. And if they happen to be female, your misogyny begins to show. You are NOT the nice "gentleman" that you try to present yourself as. Given my interactions with you, I have no doubt that what Hxxxxx says about you is true. You are a weak and insecure little man and also pathetic tin god in your group. You wield your "banning" sword on anyone who doesnt bow down to your self perceived power. Want to be banned? Disagree one time with the God Jim or those who kiss and suck the shit out of his ass with verbal accolades, afraid themselves will fall victim to your nastiness and back biting. What was it that pissed you off so badly, that I disagreed with you publically and wounded that fragile ego that we were discussing or that I refused your advances and offer to strap one on and fuck you up the ass?"

Misogyny? I love women. However, I intensely dislike all rude, hateful and disrespectful people--regardless of their gender. And you know full well the reason you were banned is because you were very rude and disrespectful to another member of the group (not me), who had been there for a long time without incident before you came along. When I stepped in as the Moderator and asked you and the other member who was ragging on him to stop, the other member apologized and backed off. YOU did not.

As my group's rules stated, "disagreements and debates are fine; insults and abuse are not". It's too bad you do not know the difference.

As far as my "advances" are concerned, the group was engaged in friendly banter and flirting, as always. You were doing it, too. There was nothing to be taken seriously--in fact, since I don't find you the least bit attractive, I never bothered to IM you after you sent me your YIM address in your unsolicited email to me.

6/24 (Your response in that same other woman's blog, in yet ANOTHER post where she ranted about me)

"I had to laugh today, when someone sent me a copy and paste of his current blog message. It was berating people who go into others blogs and say nasty things to them when they are having difficulties in their personal life. I mean, isn't that precisely what he did to you? Now he is berating people for doing just what he has done. Too bad he will never be able to see what a true hypocrit he is. I truly believe he thinks he is in the right, and that it is other people who just can't deal with his brand of the truth...LOL...I gotta get out the DSM-IV and find out just what mental illness he has....sheesh, whatta piece!!"

It is understandable that you would take her side without proof, because you both suffer from terminal self-righteousness and bitterness towards men. In addition, neither one of you is capable of holding a debate without resorting to insults and childish temper tantrums. My blog post was about people attacking people in their blogs when they were expressing personal sorrow--NOT about hateful bitches who write page after page of abusive ridicule about anyone and everyone that happens to catch their eyes, in a pathetic attempt to build up their own egos.

7/17 (You posted this in a new group I had just joined, which you later so much as admitted that you only joined to post it about me)

"I have this guy who is creeping me out.

"I was once a member of a group he moderated. He made several advances to me in public in the group, which I either ignored or politely declined in a very nice manner. He turned a bit nasty in his tone and I found myself banned. No big deal. I just moved on. First of all, I never made any "advances" on you--those group posts are still there for anyone to read. And as I've already mentioned, you were banned for your behavior towards another member in that group. Rather than just tell the truth here, you have chosen to embellish and invent, in hopes or creating a sympathetic story. Shame on you!

"I meet up here with another woman who claims this person is harrassing and stalking her. I provide a few words of support to her in her blog and leave the issue alone. Yes, well, we've just seen above what your "words of support" REALLY were, haven't we? Again, another LIE.

Fast forward a month. I get a half ass apology from this man. I say half ass because he was blaming everyone and everything for his actions toward me and not taking little if any responsibility for them himself. At one point it seemed as if he was even blaming me for the way he treated me. I did not respond to it. There was nothing to respond to really. I ignored it. I also clicked block emails. OK, so you didn't accept my apology. That is your right. Of course, earlier in this post, you've already invented a few lies to make what I sent to you sound terrible. The only problem is, I've already posted a copy of that email in a separate post on this blog, so everyone can see that again, if not a lie, this is at least a great stretch of the truth.

"A day or two later, a "woman" shows up in several of the groups I am most active in, with a handle very similar to mine. I get a message from a mutual friend, that tells me to beware that this person is the "man" and he is pissed because I have blocked him and that he is intent on causing trouble. I gave the moderators of those groups a heads up, and told them that this person wasnt me, if they caused trouble and that I would not even so much as acknowlege them..Now, THIS is a SPECTACULAR lie! Your credibility is already shot, so I don't even for a second believe that someone sent you any such email. You just thought you'd be very clever by adding this little tidbit.

"Fast forward another week. AdultFriendFinder has a glitch, and my profile disappears for a few hours. When I get it back and I have to reset all my settings etc. All my block list is missing. Within 24 hours I get a message from this man. From the message it is obvious that he is watching every group post and every blog post that I am making. He makes reference to them in his message. The thought of someone following me around this site like that is creeping me out. He also seems upset that I ignored his heartfelt apology. I clicked "report this" and reported the situation to AdultFriendFinder. I dont really expect anything to come of it. I think he stays just inside of the TOS. Nothing was done when he did this to the other woman. She has since removed her profile and I suspect it has to do with his harrassment. So if this was happening to you, what else would you do?" Oh, for God's sakes, get over yourself! I look at a LOT of blogs and group posts, all the time. And, no, I had nothing to do with that other woman leaving. It is my understanding that she managed to piss off a whole host of other people even worse than she did me.

7/17 (In the same thread, this is your response when a member replied that he was quite familiar with what you were referring to, and politely expressed his doubts)

"Since I have never met you, spoken to you, or otherwise known you exist, I find it amazing that you think you know of who and what situation I am speaking of. Gasp! Can it be? Someone ELSE who has read what you've posted? It appears you think that the only people who can see you are the ones that you know

"The "man" in my scenerio is great at playing victim in public, but plays his games very much behind the scenes. Whatever you choose to believe of my situation or any other, the reality is, his messages are unsolicited, unwarranted, and unwanted. His attention by following me from group to group, blog to blog is not in dispute because his own words verify that. I did not ask for or want this. As far as I was concerned, any acquaintanceship I had with him ceased when he banned me. I moved on. It is he that continues to place himself in my life here at AdultFriendFinder. This has gone on 6 weeks or more now and I want it to stop. I have NOT responded to him in anyway, nor do I plan on it. The question is, what do I do about it? What do I do to make it stop? IT is creepy, sleazy, and borders on obsessive! I am here to have a good time, not to be embroiled in some unstable person's drama." Again, please don't flatter yourself that I would "follow" you. I've already posted my two emails to you, that were spaced 15 days apart, that clearly show I have no interest in you on any romantic or sexual level. My ONLY interest is in your continuing to post lies about me. PERIOD! I do NOT "play the victim"; rather, there are a few complete imbeciles who aren't content to tell just the truth about why they hate me--instead, they have to make up a bunch of outrageous nonsense. I have made a firm resolve to keep silent no longer. Every time one of you sick little puppies take it upon yourselves to post slander about me, you will be outted for it. Don't like that? Well, all you gotta do is just stick to the truth. You can post all the hate you want about me, so long as you do not lie in the process.

7/18 (Your comment in another group about the above posts)

"oh please give it a fucking rest. Interesting request, coming from someone who started with the lying in the first place.

"Jx, forgive me for bringing something here from some place else but I need to set the record straight. Awwww!

"I posted what I posted, not to seek advice. Really? Then why did you title your thread, "ok, advice...what else would you do?", and ask questions about what do to in your text? I posted what I did, to let the person in question know that I was fed up with his childish control bullshit and fed up with him fucking with me. I posted what I did to let him know that I controlled something very important to him, his reputation and that if he continued to fuck with me, I would make what he was doing very public by posting his own words. Kxxxxx had every right to call me on my motives and she did. I am not offended, nor am I some weak little wall flower that needs rescuing. I beat you to it, sweetie--I've already posted ALL of my words, EXACTLY as I wrote them in the other post containing the emails. So, what do you plan to do next? Make up some stuff, and claim I wrote it? That would be slander and libel if you did, don't you think?

"Again Jx, I apologize for bringing this here and if you feel the need to delete it, then please do so. I fully understand." *SIGH!* Soooo innocent! LMAO!

Pussy_Galore4eve 53F
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7/19/2006 11:21 am

why dont you post my response to you?

why are you following me? What is this obsession you have with me? Get over it! Leave me alone. Until now I havent responded to you, because I think you are sick and need help. Please move on. I have. We are NOT friends, we are NOT anything. Go away!!

you cant!! You continue to message me privately when I dont respond to your messages. You follow me from group to group, blog to blog, then comment on it in your messages. You are sick! Get some fucking help!! According to a message I got, I am the third woman you've done this to and they have no problem with me naming them; HB69, daddy's sweetie, and now myself. Are all 3 of us crazy? I think not. The proof is in the pudding! As for your public record in the group, you have deleted almost all proof of my existence there, so how can you claim that accurate?

Even today you've messaged me to look here. You just have to have contact. You can't stop. Now I am publically demanding that you leave me the fuck alone!! I have reported you, but I expect nothing will be done. Nothing ever is. So be warned, if you continue to contact me unwarranted, and unwanted as you have, I will post ever thing you say to me publically. I will post the logs of every time you read my blog or contact me in any fashion. I will show everyone who and what you really are. I am tired of this. I am here to have a good time, not be stalked and pursued by some sick obsessive man.

I doubt this will stay here long enough to be seen, because you dont want people to know the other side of the coin. You have to play victim, so I am posting all of this in my blog too.

wistfuljester replies on 7/19/2006 9:38 pm:
The message you highlighted in blue was not sent by you to me until today. Had you sent it to me first, INSTEAD of posting all of those lies about me, I would have no reason to post all of this stuff in my blog. If you had no desire to hear from me, you could have said so LONG before now, instead of resorting to posting lies.

I am not obsessed with you nor attracted to you; I have posted the ONLY two messages I sent to you before you posted that bunch of nonsense in the advice line group. Then last night I did send you a short note saying that I had already posted all of my words to you in my blog. Why did I do that? Because of your stupid comment in YWFOM that you were going to somehow harm my reputation by posting my words. I just now responded to your message above asking you to please stop posting lies about me.

That is all I want.

There are still 69 of your posts in the Older And Younger For All group. The only ones I deleted were the ones you made that were less than polite towards other members (NOT towards me). You never once stated that the group flirting that was not to be taken seriously was somehow bothering you; all I ever got from you before today was that little email I've posted on my blog where you thanked me for inviting you to my network and gave me your YIM handle.

The only reason you're posting all of these lies is because you're pissed for being banned from the group for cause.

HB? Here' the only message I ever sent to her:

"Since I have NEVER named you in any of my blog posts, nor called you names in any groups, you really need to give up your silly little campaign against me and go one with your life.
It amazes me that you continue to mention me by handle at every opportunity, just because you didn't like one of my blog posts. I don't understand your obsession.

What you are doing is a violation of the Terms of Use; if you continue, I will be forced to report you for abuse. I haven't done so up until now, because I thought that eventually you'd get tired and wander off to pester someone else.

I have never posted any nasty comments about you; so, honestly, which of us is the adult here?

Please go on about your life, and leave my name out of your rants.


(aka AssClown)"

Here was her only reply:

I would like for you to point out one time I have ever used your handle in one of my blogs! And it is you who came into my group and was invading my space. And it is you who cont. to view my profile, and it is you who cont. to visit my blog! When is the last time I was in your blog?
Please do not send me another e-mail or I will be forced to report you to A.F.F for stalking me and harrassing me!

It is amusing that she found it all right to use my full handle insultingly in her group, but not all right for me to reply to it. That thread still exists: [group_post 947610]. While I'm on the subject, all of her old blog posts are still accessable, too, including my replies and yours. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who was the one being abusive and doing the "stalking", and who was trying to be reasonable. The abusive stalkers were first her, and then YOU. You escalated the matter by mentioning me in that group, which is why I sent you the second message--a message that cannot be considered beyond reason in any way, shape or form!

As to daddiessweetie, I never sent her any emails at all. She posted something in the group about something her mama always said, and bimble posted something in disagreement with that saying. She got all huffy, posted several hateful messages in the group, and I deleted those messages and banned her. End of story.

I challenge you, HB, or sweetie to come up with ANY other messages I've sent to any of you! There aren't any more than the ones I've either copied or described here in my blog. You know it, and I know it.

I've already posted EVERYTHING I wrote here, so I don't see why you think you're somehow threatening me by saying you're going to post it, too. Unless you lie about it, what can it matter if you DO post it? Of course, if you DO continue to lie, I must remind you that legal recourse is well within my means and my rights.


Of course I'm not going to delete your reply here. It allowed me to prove yet again that you are not telling the truth.

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