OK, I'll Post EVERYTHING I Said FOR You! (Now How Are You Gonna Lie About It?)  

wistfuljester 65M
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7/18/2006 9:25 pm

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7/22/2006 8:29 pm

OK, I'll Post EVERYTHING I Said FOR You! (Now How Are You Gonna Lie About It?)

It is time for the unvarnished truth. Against the truth, your fabrications and innuendos can not stand.

You have accused me of "stalking" you just because I read a blog post and a group post you made, and viewed your profile a couple of times.

Sorry, but those are public, and I read a LOT of blogs and group posts and profiles.

You say you "control my reputation", and if I don't "leave you alone", you will post what I have said--thus ruining said reputation.


You joined Older And Younger For All. You say I wrote unwelcome advances toward you in that group, when in fact all of us there, yourself included, were just harmlessly flirting. Anyone who cares to, can go to the group and read your posts and mine to their hearts' content.

For a while, my blog was set for network friends' comments only, so I invited you and over 40 other group members to join my network so that you all could post in my blog section that relates to the group, if you wished. You accepted that invitation.

There was a little tiff in the group; you were involved. Perhaps I overreacted by banning you; perhaps not.

What follows is a complete transcript of EVERY communication between us, edited only to remove contact information and some names. You wrote once to me, and I wrote twice to you. That's it. I have included the dates those notes were sent:

June 17th you to me


hi Jim,

Thanks for the network invite. I am also xxxxxxx-xxxxxx on xxxx messenger.


July 2nd me to you

I want to apologize

I was in the middle of dealing with being attacked by Hx and her ilk, when it started to look like OMAYM was descending into drama, too.

I sort of snapped when you seemed to be implying that I was being "passive aggressive", when in my mind I was simply trying to defuse a situation that had gotten a bit too heated.

Yes, I did think that you and Bxxxxx were too harsh on Dxx, just because he asked an innocent question. I was by no means the only group member who felt that way.

As a Moderator, I rarely take sides. I have no problem with people expressing their opinions, whether I agree with them or not. I do, however, have the task of making sure that the discussions remain civil and courteous. I also tend to give more weight to the feelings of members who have been in the group for quite some time without having any issues.

Nonetheless, I realize that I handled the situation badly. Had I been less stressed, I would have emailed you to discuss it privately. I didn't, and for that I apologize.

Here's hoping you have a blessed 4th of July,



July 17 me to you

Please get your facts straight...

Hx was the one who stalked, harassed, and ridiculed me--NOT the other way around. Why? Because she didn't like my blog post against marital cheating.

I asked the Moderator of the "sxxxxx" group to take down "Ok here I can name names, I think.........", and she refused to do so. You can find a whole host of other posts in their group and in their blogs and compare their posts to mine--IF you're openminded enough to look.

Such is the maturity level of the group you just joined. I might add that I've seen your posts where you claim to not respect marital cheaters.

Am I completely innocent? Of course not. Still, I was minding my own business until those people went on their unprovoked attacks against me. They even claim that I am the reason they started the "sxxxxx" group...lol!

I saw what you posted in that blog, and I still sent you an apology, to which you made no response.

Why would you ally yourself with people like that, AND make such an untruthful post against me? I don't mind if you post that you hate me so long as you tell the truth about why, but for you to believe their lies and delusions and then add to them?

Those people are not well. I hope you do not come to regret your association with them.


OK, that's every last word. There is simply no way you can make a case for my "stalking" or "abusing" you from ANY of this.

I posted this so that everyone could see the WHOLE TRUTH, instead of relying on half-truths and innuendos.

amoldenough 71F
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7/18/2006 10:30 pm

Wistful--it takes all kinds, I guess. Sorry this had to happen. There are always a few who spoil things for everyone.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

wistfuljester replies on 7/19/2006 9:08 am:
I guess so. I don't mind it when people don't like me and talk about it--it's the making stuff up part that aggravates me.

wistfuljester 65M

7/19/2006 9:20 am

I'm waiting to see if any attempt is made to post slander or libel by this person, in the form of writing things other than what I wrote, and claiming that they're mine.

Pussy_Galore4eve 53F
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7/19/2006 12:14 pm

the real truth is in my blog...Think what you want, but I am the the 3rd one he's done this to. Seems there is truth in numbers. The parts he left out are in my blog.

wistfuljester replies on 7/19/2006 9:56 pm:
Excuse me? All you did in your blog is repost everything I had already posted here, and tell everyone I hadn't posted it.

Of course, I couldn't post that email you sent to me several hours after I posted this, because I hadn't received it yet.

Other than that, all you did was continue your stream of lies and innuendos.

No proof, just lies.

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