OH, COME ON! We ALL Judge Others' Behavior All The Time!  

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6/9/2006 6:28 pm

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OH, COME ON! We ALL Judge Others' Behavior All The Time!

There is no question that the judgment of souls is strictly the province of God. Judgment of BEHAVIOR, however, is both a right and an obligation.

Humans cannot succeed socially if we do not share standards of behavior. If political correctness is so wonderful, then clearly we should repeal all criminal laws; after all, just because SOME find a behavior offensive doesn't give them the right to prevent or punish it, no matter what it is--right?

Well, of course not.

When I posted that cheating is a dishonorable act, some didn't seem to get what I was saying. I was accused of trying to be God, or of being too unlovable to be married, or of being unable to understand marriage. Lacking any better arguments, some resorted to painless insults about my appearance and sexuality...lol.

Apparently, they just couldn't believe that I actually take seriously the idea that you don't give your word unless you intend to keep it, and once you give it, you do just that: KEEP IT.

For the record, I've been married, and I didn't cheat. Neither did my wife. The divorce was a mutual decision, so honor ws preserved. We both were right, and we both were wrong. End of story.

No, I wasn't hurt by some married person on this site, either, so you can forget that idea, too...lol!

My opinion that cheating is reprehensible has nothing to do with religion. Put simply, if you give your word of honor, then break it, you are judged by your own dishonor. It creates a pain in your own soul, which warps your relationships with yourself and others. The effects of your own lies ripple ever outward, creating the potential for disastrous consequences to the innocents in your life.

Now, that is my opinion. I am entitled to it, just as you are entitled to disagree with me. I am not trying to chide people into leaving this site, I am not trying to get anyone banned and I am naot conceited enough to believe that my opinion really matters all that much to most people.

However, I HAVE been a bit astonished by how vitriolic some people have become, and how they have ranted and railed about what an evil person I am. The only reason I can find for this reaction is that my words must have found a deep chord of guilt and shame inside those people--meaning that deep down, they know that they have violated their own sense of honor.

I mean, if these people were really secure in their lifestyle choices, why would they bother to give me a second look, let alone rant on for days about how wrong I am?

I won't apologize for saying that if you lie, you are a liar; if you cheat, you are a cheater; if you steal, you are a thief...and so on. Ultimately, though, there is only one true Judge of human souls (my apologies to the atheists among us).

Here's a thought: if you believe that I don't have the right to judge your cheating behavior, then how do you justify judging my behavior of posting my opinions? Besides, they are just opinions--it's not like I can legislate how anyone else lives.

We all judge behavior, all the time, and it is both our right and our obligation to do so. If we ALL join in that insipid chorus that there is no right or wrong, and that all morals are strictly relative, we shouldn't be surprised by the ensuing depravity, violence and greed.

And all the little children can simply fend for themselves...

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