I Don't Often Do This...  

wistfuljester 65M
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12/30/2006 8:43 pm

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1/7/2007 9:25 pm

I Don't Often Do This...

...but I invite you to visit the blog of my friend, [blog asian_yezza].

She is a person whose heart is very large and loving, and I hope and pray that no A F F asshole decides to sully her vision with his or her cynicism and cruelty.

Kim is a rare sweetness among humanity, and I fiercely desire that she finds the completeness that she yearns for, and deserves!

People like her, who believe that love CAN be found on a "sex site", should be encouraged--NOT ridiculed.

It is said that "hope springs eternal in the human breast"; in my dear friend asian_yezza, you can see that this is true.

If you visit, please be nice to her, or I shall be forced to wist you with my jest, and ful you with my er.

Got it?


rm_HeavenatHome 49F
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1/2/2007 5:21 am

You are a sweet guy!!!
Happy New Year to you.

wistfuljester replies on 1/2/2007 8:01 pm:
Thanks, dear--you're sweet too, and I wish a wonderful New Year for you as well.

rm_HeavenatHome 49F
17 posts
1/3/2007 2:44 am

Kim, I think we have the same idea about Jim.
And having you as a friend will make him a happy man I think. Are you looking for more than friendship? If so, Jim would be an excelent candidate for you!
You are very pretty; I am sure he loves you!

wistfuljester 65M

1/7/2007 9:25 pm

Anneke and Kim: both of you are among the sweetest women I know.

I wish I weren't so far away from you geographically, because I would love to get to know both of you!

Of course, I'll admit I'm a one-woman man at heart, but even if we all were just good friends in person would also be great!

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