Hypocrites On A F F? Surely You Jest!  

wistfuljester 65M
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6/7/2006 9:57 pm

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6/8/2006 9:02 pm

Hypocrites On A F F? Surely You Jest!

Recently, there was a huge firestorm of indignation over some of the posts in an interest group called Caught By A Family Member. In particular, there was tremendous outrage over a post by a young woman about seeing her stepdad masturbating in her panties.

Oh, the shock, the outrage! A major campaign was launched to shut that group down that succeeded, and the website even instituted an automated censor to deny posts in groups that contain certain words. Of course, now you can't even use the word inc*st when you're posting AGAINST it in groups...lol.

WELL, have you visited A F F's Magazine section lately? There are tons of "stories" in there about sex with children, sex with animals and sex with family members.

Although you'll see individual replies that decry them, what you DON'T see is a similar movement to get THEM deleted and stopped, too.

You also don't see the website doing anything about them, either: you can hit request review on a post til the cows come home, and nothing ever happens.


Surely it can't be because of hypocrisy, can it?

Shelly_Marie 45F

6/7/2006 10:29 pm

I wonder why someone hasnt emailed CS about it if it is that bad of postings?

wistfuljester replies on 6/7/2006 10:54 pm:
Actually, I hear several people have. Also they've talked to CS on the phone about it.

Apparently, A F F just gets all snappish about it, claiming they DO review the magazine articles. (Yes, and I have oceanfront property in Arizona for sale, too...lol!)

freetime648 53F

6/8/2006 12:38 am

I noticed the same thing....I used to frequent the magazine section quite a bit but not anymore....Hypocrosy???? Maybe not so much as maybe just sheer laziness and not wanting to do it...maybe they are afraid of pissing off some people and losing their money each month...maybe maybe maybe...who knows.....I choose not to go there anymore and for now that has to work for me! Good Post!

xx FREETIME648 xx

wistfuljester replies on 6/8/2006 8:47 am:
Thanks. You may be right. I don't go to the Magazine much myself. Even without all of the taboo stuff, it's very boring--same posts over and over and over...lol.

TechSteve 50M

6/8/2006 9:39 am

Jim you make good points.

I am sure many people have complained about these magazine articles you mention, but AdultFriendFinder does nothing about it.


wistfuljester replies on 6/8/2006 9:01 pm:
I know, Steve--and I suspect that until a bunch of people complain together, A F F will continue to ignore the situation.

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