In Anticipation of Meeting  

winnipegstudly 52M
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4/6/2005 7:04 pm

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11/12/2006 9:13 pm

In Anticipation of Meeting

Not sure how others approach meeting someone for the first time, but I am always exceedingly nervous. Online personality and real life can two different things, and for most people, it is unintentional. For me, I believe my online person is much more open, spontanenous and humourous. I have been told by some people I am really the same in 'real' life, but sometimes I have a hard time believing them!!!

I suspect I really am, but not at first. One of my fears (which I am overcoming) is that if I anticipate too much, I worry, which leads to nervousness. This is where I feel I trip when meeting someone for the first time. I will either say very little, or talk WAY too much!! This is especially true if I really want things to go make the 'right' impression.

I am learning that there isn't really any 'right' impression, there is just the one you leave. So, knowing this, I can relax, enjoy myself, and most importantly, enjoy the person I am meeting, not concerned about how I am coming over, but making sure I find out all I can about the person I am talking too. Pretty soon, everyone forgets the nervousness and a good meeting is had by both parties. I have also come to understand, the person your meeting may have exactly the same feelings of nervousness, so don't worry!!! Enjoy!!

There is another type of anticipation which is particularly hard to control for guys, and that is a sexual one!! The problem with sexual anticipation is not so much the pleasure to yourself, but the disppointment it may bring to your partner. You know wait all day, thinking of the wonderful woman your going to meet, all you can think about is her body, her smell, her soft skin and the warm and wonderfully wet feeling of being one. Far too often for us guys, lasting more than a couple of minutes can be a big problem, and if foreplay is good, maybe not even making it to the final destination, the first time!!!!

I am NOT saying this happens to me..(yes, right..never..hahaha) as I have as much stamina as anyone..but... Can one control this? Anyone see the movie..What about Mary? Sorry, that solution doesn't work!! I have decided this..don't worry about it!! If it happens, it happens, and if the reality lives up to your imagination, then all the better!!

If you have a partner who understands this, she may realize getting this first situation out of the way actually leads to better session of love making. Your nervousness, (and lack of control) is now gone, and as a man, you truly focus on her pleasure!!! Recovery can be a wonderful time, and the gentle stirring of desire and return to erection can lead to a long, very enjoyable session of intercourse, ensuring your partner is very well exhausted before you need to find the end yourself. This second cumming, so to speak can be, no, is the most erotic and sensual time for me. You know you have done all you can do for your partner.

So ladies, don't be disappointed, use it as an opportunity; help him move onto the next phase and INSIST he stays with you and bring him back. Both of you will NOT regret this!!

Guys, trust me..the worst you can do, is just to roll over and say, well, thats it...I can't do it or I won't do it. This will guarantee you will probably never see her again!! Try it!!! Tell her this period of time is for HER and to enjoy it!! You will be pleasantly surprised how good it can get!!!!and how quickly you really can recover!!

rm_bella_ 48F
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4/7/2005 12:16 pm

I am glad I am not a man!

winnipegstudly 52M

4/7/2005 5:02 pm

LMAO Bella, I am glad your not too!!!

sexgoddess2462 47F  
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4/8/2005 5:40 pm

Anticipation of any event is what makes it worth the journey. Sex is a journey which should be enjoyed by all parties. Like most journeys it's not the end which makes it worthwhile, but the things which happen and are enjoyed along the way. People who are truly connected both physically and mentally are capable of enjoying the journey regardless of outcome. In fact the outcome is never as important as the road taken to ge there. The secret is to find someone who enjoyes the journey as much as you and enjoy it together . . . . . .

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