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5/22/2006 6:02 pm

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Why are you so angry?
Was it something i said?
Was it something i didn't do?
Why do you continue to throw things?
It's ok.....i'm crying now
Isn't that what you wanted?
To weaken me....belittle me
Only to make yourself feel better.

Was stating that i only wanted
Time for me....
Asking to much?
Do you feel inferior?
Because i'm not including you?
You already have me
Is that not enough?

My tears i may not show
But does that make me
Less human?
Being protective of
What i have left.
Does that frighten you?
I may not say much
But that doesn't mean
I'm not thinking.

My quietness is part of me
Just as your expressions
Are part of you.
I may not cry visibly
But i do cry
Why? why is that so difficult
To comprehend?

Tears that travel through
My bloodstream
Starving...for the
Emotional support
That i crave
Being emotionally unavailable
Hurts just the same.
Although visible scars heal
Pain is harder to overcome

I am me..just as you are you
Trying to deal with past resentments
Or future conflicts
I deal with on a daily basis
Whether it's trying to prevent
Or to correct what already
Has been done.

Forgive me....
As i forgive you
Love me...
As i love you
Accept me....
Through difficulty
Just as i accept you

I am human...
Pierce my skin...
See the blood that
Pours through...
Kiss my tears...
As they fall from my eyes
Taste the emotion
That exhales from my body

Love me..as i love you
Accept what i have to offer
As i accept what you have to give

xxxxooooo wine......

Westwind356 47M

12/19/2007 5:56 pm

love without condition... why is it so hard to find? and when given, why is it so seldom returned? yet it seems that unconditional love is exactly what we are all looking for! how is a need so universal so universally elusive? we all need it and crave it. without it we feel that there is something missing. in its absence, in the heat of the moment, we can suffer deep pain.

you have captured this most essential question with an emotional intensity that is deeply personal in the way it is expressed. thank you wb for posting this piece! it cries out for thoughtful reflection and understanding.

winebaby 49F

12/21/2007 8:21 pm

Thankyou so much Westwind.
This piece is quite deep.
I havn't read it in awhile but as I continued to read on
Old emotions crept through..BUT...I'm glad I read this again
What a wonderful feeling to feel human..lol.
wine xoxo

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