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I waz only 16 when i had my first sex, this is great for a kid in Sri Lanka.
I was staying with an married aunt to school.
i slept in an outer room of the house.
Since i was so young my married aunt sent another cousin of her's who's spinster to sleep in the same room.
I slept on a big wide bed alone and this unmarried aunt slept on the floor on a matress.
She used to sew cloths and come to sllep way past midnight.
I would study till about 10 and hit the sack.
One night I awoke to find her changing cloths.
She wears gowns and was taking off hers and she was naked, I could only see her back but a bit of angle wise I could see that she had lovely boobs.
I was watching her getting into a sort of nightdres, a pettycoat really and it was flimsy and kinda short almost exposing her butt
I was very excited and had my dick upright and pushing up my sarong like a tent, and the little fella was wacky throbbing with Xcitement as well.
The suddenly like she turned around and I closed my eyes and pretend to zleep but could do nothing to lower the masthead ans she must have noticed cos she snappily switched the light off.
Since the i try to pretend zleeping hoping to see her strip again but no luck, I was afraid to do anything or talk about it so days passed in frustration until luck dawned one nite.
It was raining very heavily, with lighting and thunder, in such weather the floor gets sorta damp in the house, so when she take to bed earlier than usual, I asked innocently how she could sleep on the wet floor and roled on to one corner of the bed and said maybe she could sleep on it too.
Well she did not turn down the suggestion instead started to change cloths in the dark but in the flash of lightning I could see her nakedness.
She came and laid down on the bed and i was watching her in her scimpy dress and I could almost see her full bloomed boobs heaving with her breathing.
She may have seen my opn eyes in the flshing of thelightning and asked "Arn't you sleepy?" I said no I feel so cold cos of the rain and kinda snuggled upto her for some warmath.
Since they sortta treat us like kids she did noot mind it, but as the night grew I tried to get as close as I can.
The suddenly there was a blinding flas followed by loud thunder as if it happened just outside the window and I was quick to hug her tightly pretending I was so frightened, and she too put her arms around me and clapsed me to her body.
I had my right arm around her hips and my face almost cushioned on her breasts.
I could feel her tender body and her warmness and the womenly smell of her breasts.
I was too afraid to move, i did not want very much more [not that night anayway] so i slept like a baby.
Since that night she never slept on the floor always in the bed with me little by little I took cetain liberties to snggle up to her and try to be cosy. One night I was real horny and my dick was getting impatiant so i pressed it against her thighs, sh slowly turned her back on me as if to avoid my manliness but i took men advantage and some courage to push it against her buttocks and thighs, I slowly put my arms around her waits and gripped her body to mine and my dick was pushing against her buttocks seeking some refuge, and being very yound and horny she had to give way and let my cock between her leg space against her nighty and enclossed in my sarong but yet it was so xciting that my dick throbbed and swelled up and after a while I came unable to control it any more, she pushed me away and called me a "naughty boy".
I kissed her cheeks and begged her not to tell anyone.
She just turned me around and put her arms around me and kinda hugged me in an embrace and i could feel her soften against my back and we went ro sleep.
The following nights i slowly tried to be intimate with her you know, squeezing her butt, or boobs, I even dared to squeeze her tits and she would just pretend to sleep.
I even slipped her nity off her shoulders and massaged her breasts and day the intimacy grew was even suckng her tits and touching her bare buttocks and fingering the pussy.
As time went i started to put my cock between her thighs and did the usuall fucking motions till i cum and she would clean up with my sarong.
As time went i knew that she even enjoyed it too and sort of look forward to a little sex with me.
Somenights if i had fallen asleep she would wake me up and then i played between her legs.
One day she made me come on top of her and even squeezed and stroked my butt very lovingly , took my hand and placed it on her breasts so i kissed her tits, her neck and ven kissed her lips for the first time.
And as my dick kept moving between her thighs, I felt her making some new moves, instead of pressing my cock between her legs, she seem to ease up and the i found my dick changing chaneels and i felt something wet swollowing it upp and the I felt some presure which gave a a lot of pleasure, it was a while before i realized that i was inside her wet pussy really fucking a woman for the first time.
When i had my orgasm and she grabbed me even tightr and did not let me get off but kept kissing and licking my face and neck like a doggy.
I guess she did have a good time too, and we had more pleasure for three, four nights more then she almost changed and said its no good, bad and all kinda excuses and i could not understand why, at that age, any way after she would only shake it till I came and maybe she lets me play with her tits untill both fell asleep.
This pleasureable time did not last for ever cos soon we got school hols and I had to reluctantly go home

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u are a fucking bastard

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Great machan.Hope i have some luck like u

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