Swimming pool changing rooms  

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10/18/2005 3:52 pm

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Swimming pool changing rooms

My first recollection of an adult cock was in the changing rooms at my local swimming pool.
There were timed periods at the pool, and you got a different coloured wristband depending on your arrival time. They then had coloured lights to let you know when your period had finished, just in case you didn't realise how wrinkly your fingers and toes had become in the water!
Of course, this meant that all the same people arrived and left in the same time slots!
There was one memorable day when a group of us (kids) went swimming. There were two blokes in the changing rooms who got there just before us - both were tall and old (probably about 20!). The first thing I remember about one of them was how hairy his cock was - and he was ginger! The other one didn't just have a hairy cock, his pubes seemed to start around his knees and go up to his throat, without backcombing!
And their cocks just seemed so massive - especially in comparison with our little winkles!
When they got their trunks on, you could definately see the outline of everything that was within!

So after the swim, of course, everyone with the same coloured wristband got out of the pool at the same time.
Having seen what might be available for a view, Roger (see my last posting) and I stayed back to make sure we left at about the same time as these two blokes. We had the advantage, of course, as, being that bit shorter, our eyes were more at the cock level - and whilst we felt as horny as ****, our cocks didn't yet display a full erection (although, this sort of experience did help development!).
Well, it was the ginger pubed guy whose cock first started to grow - one of those slow movements like the sun moving around a sundial (but slightly quicker!). In the four showers, Roger and I were on the left and they were on the right. I can't recall them touching each other, but there was certainly much soap etc being lathered around, so there were plenty of bubbles and definately the first erections poking out that I had seen in the flesh.
And in the changing rooms, it just seemed to get better. We were playing around with towels and wacking each other (the way kids did!), but our two blokes were there with hard-ons like pyramids under their towels when the got to the changing area, which softened but never really got limp.
A first in many ways, but mainly on the viewing front - and I'd still like to be a fly on the wall in the changing rooms!

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