Aroused on the train  

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10/11/2005 2:10 pm

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Aroused on the train

Ever since my early teens (quite a long time ago!), I've been conscious of this warm thing in my pants that often swells up outside of my control.
Over the years, I've learned how to take more control - if I think of some erotic things, it can perform all by itself; so much so that it needs almost no physical touch to explode with excitement. That said, physical stimulation (whether through insertion in and out of a welcoming orifice) or merely a helping hand, will end up with predictably moist results.
Now I do wake up at about six every day (remember the rhyme "Up with the cock at six-o'clock"!) - and this never really goes down, especially when I shower, so there's often no choice but to empty my balls of all their pent up juice, if I want to leave home without a flagpole at full mast!
I travel by train every day, and it's often very full in the morning. If you read my profile, you'll see that one of my fantasies does involve Mr Right on the train. But I am finding that I always have a remarkably stiff member, and it doesn't necessarily need something good to look at for my pants to grow.
Now if anyone else has the same problem, and they're on my train, then it might be good to feel the impression of their trouser tool against me. Any advice from anyone?

I've got used to going stiff at all the wrong times - as a teenager, it was in the rugby changing rooms and I lost a few friends but made a couple of others!
I guess that I've tended to strip off in cock friendly places, where the eyes will be positive rather than negative.
Anyone else got any experiences to share?

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