Another Visit to Taboo  

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6/30/2006 8:51 am
Another Visit to Taboo

We went back a couple of weeks later. This time, Espie said she wanted a little more privacy; plus we were a little tired before we even started.
She wore her black miniskirt and a new blouse that hung loosely down below her cleavage. As she walked around the pool table one breast would pop out, and the Chinese guy in the corner was obviously interested.
We played a few games, and then decided to walk upstairs. As we went up, many eyes followed, and it appeared she would get swallowed up by the crowd. So we went into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. Espie started to slip out of her clothes as I caressed her breasts and sucked her nipples. She started biting my nipples and clamped a lip lock on my cock, sucking and taking it all the way into her throat. I fingered her until she had her first orgasm, and then told her it was time to invite some company in. She only had her blouse on at this point, no skirt, no panties. I had her walk out onto the balcony. Several guys admired her and I chose two--the Chinese guy and one other. I asked them if they would like to spend some time in the room with us, and they jumped at the chance. As I closed the door behind them, Espie took off the blouse and got on her knees to suck both guys. I had never seen two guys shed their clothes so quickly! One of the guys sort of lifted her up and led her to a chair. She sat and kept sucking one, while the Chinese guy got on his knees and began eating her out. I could tell by her movements and moans that she was enjoying it all. I pulled out some condoms, but both of these guys were enjoying the blow jobs so much, I don't think either of them was ready for anything else. They both came on her mouth, face, and breasts, and I started rubbing the cum all over her breasts and stomach. She was smiling and still stroking their cocks as I started sucking her nipples again, tasting their cum on her skin. She said she needed a dick inside her, so I obliged by lifting her legs and placing my dick in her dripping pussy. The two guys just watched as I pumped away, with Espie getting loader with each thrust. Finally, I started to shoot my load inside her as she went limp for a second; then as I stood, she grabbed my cock and sucked every last drop.
The two guys said that she was amazing, and she just smiled and said, "I hope you liked it!"

fntyme692 62M/55F

9/6/2006 6:08 pm

you guys are awsome, ever in San diego we must hook up.
Love Evelyn&keith

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