It Always Starts so Innocent  

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11/30/2005 7:57 pm

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It Always Starts so Innocent

After a rough day at work, M had made arrangements, for us, to meet [Aranger69a], what a fun couple, at the bar. While getting ready, an hot partner call [racenut249] and talked about coming down the next night to play. I was very hot and excited. We both talked about going out this night. Both meeting friends. I had mention the bar, but had not been there before and was not sure of the name, since M made the arrangements. Racenut249 was not sure were he was tagging up with friends of his, but the bar I mentioned sounded familiar. M and I got to the bar and got bar seats and ordered our drinks. To my delight, the bartenders were wearing thongs with their bar aprons just covering the front. Very nice!
After sitting for a few minutes, aranger69a came in and started talking to the couple sitting in the corner. Another AdultFriendFinder couple with Racenut249. Needless to say, I was all hot and wet knowing racenut249 was there.
I really tried not to stare, but he was looking mighty good in those 501's with a soft collared shirt. Very GOOD. I got a hug and a whisper said "Can't wait to play tomorrow night". Aranger69a was showing pictures from last week were his date G1 was showing her hot tits.
Next thing I know M is raising my shirt so that aranger69 and he got grab a nipple with their mouths and have the picture taken for the record. The fun was already started. A few drinks later G1 and I were raising our shirts now for regular inspection. I am losing my battle to not stare at racenut249 and also losing the battle to give him his space with the other couple. I stood behind him massaging his ass and found his hand bent around massaging my nipples. He had them hard and big as they get. Very noticeable under my shirt. We sat for a little more with G1 and I teasing the men with tit flashes.
Now, the we done it. Racenut249 was unbuttoning those 501's and pulling is cock out. I didn't wait for a formal invite. I was all over that cock with my mouth. Know one in the bar, much minded me giving head to Racenut249 and now Aranger69a. M was now busy getting head from G1. We had all the men in the bar worked up to heated pitch. Finally had one gentlemen come over and asked if I was really giving head in the middle of the bar. Racenut69 just smiled and nodded.
We all had a great night of teasing. What made it even sweeter was knowing Racenut249 was coming over the next night, so we could finished the job. Then knowing that we were invited to Aranger69a, for a Saturday night dinner.
What a dessert the four of us had.
This swinging just keeps getting better and better. We have meet some wonderful people/friends from this site. I am very satisfied with all our current arrangements with different members. Nothing but smiles.

kingstauds 31M
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12/2/2005 9:21 am

hello i'm looking for a couple to have fun with. i'm 20 live in madison area

AChosenOne2 65M

1/15/2008 3:15 pm

i want my first three-way- open minded here

A very studly and sexually gratfying individual in-deed

1shavedmanhood 50M
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11/8/2009 3:35 pm

Where can I meet you? I will be in Madison on Wed. Nov. 11th and would love a group/3 way or whatever in my hotel if you want. I am good looking, fit and clean with a hot cock so I have been told.

sailfast64 53M
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9/13/2011 9:54 am

Thanks for sharing these great stories of your journey! Keep 'em coming

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