Hard -on's that last - YUMMY  

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7/23/2005 6:29 pm

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Hard -on's that last - YUMMY

A few nights ago, we had arranged a third encounter with R. Coming home from an errand, and already getting wet, knowing R was in the house, I began to kiss and tease him.
I went in to take a bath, to fresh'n up after a long day. I opened the curtain before I climbed into the bath. R and M were on our deck, with great access to watching me from the deck. As I began to rub myself, I kept an eye on the window, waiting for the two studs to come watch. After I saw them, I picked up my dildo and began sucking on it and working it over, like I knew they would want we to work on their rock hard cocks. "R" was inside, in about 2 minutes, to get a closer look at me sucking on my dildo. R pulled out his raging hard-on and I began to work on his cock like I was never going to give it back. Before he left, R reached down and removed the bubbles from my breast to find to very erect nipples. He stayed long enough to tease me and get me dripping wet. Yes you can get dripping wet while taking a bath. After he left I began to finger myself in hopes my husband was still watching. I was so hot at that point, I quickly dressed in some loose fitting evening wear to get on the deck to fuck those two rock hard cocks. I immediatly starting kissing R and rubbing my wet pussy up and down his leg. All our cloths were off in no time and I was bent over and the stiff cocks were having their way with me, out on our deck.
With our fun being visible from the street we moved our play indoors. We were quickly fucking in the bedroom, R cumming time and time again, the whole time maintaining a rock hard cock. Yummy! This man knows how to please. The whole time he is fucking me I am sucking on my husband, who is getting double pleasure from my oral skills and from watching me get pumped on by a fucking machine, "R". After R was done, M fucked me for even more pleasure, cumming all over my very erect nipples, with his hot load.

Every women should have the pleasure of these two men, who's first goal is to pleasure the women (take you over the fucking edge). WOW, really fun to have two men who can last and last. I really like the challange of getting men who have good control to come before they want. I want to pleasure these two the way they pleasure me. Very Hot. Want to go there again. Racenut249 has an open invitation to come and fuck when ever he wants. The nipple ring he wears is very hot also.

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7/23/2005 8:23 pm

Very hot story! Any others? Can we talk?

racenut249 56M

7/24/2005 12:02 am

This is R. Thanks for the great review,, but the pleasure is all mine, she is a fantastic fucking machine also. It is easy to cummm time and time again with a woman that is as interested in pleasing as being pleased, The two of them make is easy to feel comfortable, The deck fucking was a blast, watching her in the tub got me stiff as a rock and couldn't wait to get my VERY STIFF cock in her mouth and soaking wet pussy,, will visit again and again if they allow. GREAT FUN WITH 2 GREAT PEOPLE... Thanks RACENUT249, ps.. Guys for a womans extra pleasure, shave your cock and balls, (no hair balls) and the nipple ring is the best investment ever made,, makes me horny ALL OF THE TIME...

rm_bshwkr1961 57M  
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6/14/2006 9:57 pm

you have some magnificent storys. I would love to be part of one sometime if you would do me the honor.

OvensOvoidVials 52M

4/1/2009 2:59 am

I'd soooooooooo enjoy being the second male!

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