stupid stupid perfect people....and Rockstar Supernova  

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8/24/2006 12:10 pm

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stupid stupid perfect people....and Rockstar Supernova

OK...I realize I'm a tad behind the time. I just saw Mr & Mrs Smith on DVD last night. The movie itself was boring (I started playing fetch with my puppy halfway through). But the one thing that struck me was how incredibly perfect both Angelina and Brad looked ever friggin second of the movie. How they had the perfect home...perfect cars...perfect jobs...perfect refrigerator...perfect dishes...hell..even his white button down shirt was the perfect length for her to run around in for half the movie. It just annoyed me. No wonder girls/women think they have to starve themselves and wear skanky clothes to be considered attractive. OK - rant over.

Now, on to my latest addiction...ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA. I admit it, I'm a reality show junkie. How I got started on this one is actually my bosses' fault. You see...he didn't give me enough to do at work one day, so I went onto MSN and saw a banner ad for the show. i had never watched it on TV, and it had already been going for 3 weeks. So...on MSN, I got caught up on all the episodes and performances I missed in one afternoon...and am now a die-hard fan. For those of you that watch it...let me break it down for ya:

Patrice: She needed to go. Yeah yeah yeah, she's a mediocre singer, but I highly doubt these guys ever intend to have a chick front the band. Besides, she smiled WAAAAAAY too much when she sang...and her rendition of "Celebrity Skin" was NOT good AT ALL.

Toby: Gorgeous ass...but he might be too "nicey-nicey" for this band. He has a good voice, but I find myself wanting him to get into a fight with someone...or start some kind of controversy. He's definitely a front-runner, but I don't think he'll win. He should follow in older brother Kieth Urban's footsteps and start singing us country tear-jerkers. Us American women have a definite weakness for blonde babes from down under.

Deliana: She was my favorite from the beginning. I have said for years now that there is a definite lack of female rock when I saw her, with her low growly voice and crazy hair...i was kind of excited. HOWEVER, she is getting very very cocky...and it's beginning to piss me off. Wonderful voice, but (like I said before) I don't think they're gonna pick a chick. If they do - it should be her. But she definitely needs to lose the newly-acquired attitude.

Storm: My gosh....go the hell back to Lillith Fair where you belong, you freaking drama queen. Mediocre voice, horrible song choices,over-the-top stage presence, and she ALWAYS looks stoned. How could she not have known about Cake's re-mix of "I Will Survive?" Dumbass. I cannot believe that she hasn't been kicked off yet. I would have kept Zayria before her! But, yeah, best of luck.

Lucas: Stop with the eye shadow! This is not the 80's and Boy George already has a stylist. I cannot understand how this little midget has "Forrest Gump"ed his way this far. He ruined any hopes of me being a fan of his in the second or third week, when he let everyone else pick their songs first...claiming "I'm a fucking rockstar...i can sing whatever they put in front of me" then CRYING like a little baby when he got left with a shitty song! Ick Ick Ick. Look for him in a couple years running the karaoke machine at the local Holiday Inn (Express).

Magni - Helloooooo, Handsome man from Iceland. I know he's married with a kid..but I can still fantasize. He's going to win! He has to - he's the only logical choice. He's handsome, has one hell of a voice both on ballads and the faster stuff, and can play a mean guitar. His rendition of Jimmy Hendrix's "Fire" last night was friggin phenomenal. I cannot believe he's been in the bottom 3 two weeks in a I have to stay up all night on Tuesdays and vote for him now. (He's the one in the pic above)

Anyway...there you have it. Hope you're all having a good week!

rm_StevenJ1234 40M
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8/24/2006 5:13 pm

"Look for him in a couple years running the karaoke machine at the local Holiday Inn (Express)."

This killed me, the Express in parantheses, comedic genius. Speaking of Boy George, I think he was the DJ at the wedding I went to last week. Maybe it was part of his community service.

gettinbigger2 66M
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8/25/2006 2:00 pm

I have not had a chance to watch this show yet. Don't know why! Is it really as good as you say it is?

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