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2/17/2006 9:07 am

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OK - so the whole "meeting with my friend from here" didn't work out this week. I ended up getting pulled away from town by work, and didn't get back till around 1 this morning. I had told him this and he said to call him when I got back into town if I still wanted to meet up - he would meet me anytime. So, I was so excited about it the whole way home...thinking that it would be a great stress-reducer and a nice beginning to my weekend. But do you think he answered his damn phone?! Of course not. Not wanting to seem completely desperate and stalker-ish I only let it ring three or four times (and I tried twice) but that should have been plenty of time for him to hear it! Damn the luck anyway.

Maybe its for the best. I have someone I think I really like. He's a brother to a friend of mine....the interest is definitely mutual. But he's leaving for a couple months to finish some things up in Texas...but then he'll be back for good. But, he didn't call me back last night either (but i wasn't booty-calling him, that was just to talk). AAARRRRGGGGHHH....this is why a purely sexual relationship is best. I hate feeling emotions. Not to bitch too much, and I know it's really cliche, but I hate how hard it is to trust someone after you have been burned. Everything gets questioned...situations get compared...egos get challenged...people get defensive...walls get built..bridges get burned...hearts get broken..and then its over and you have just wasted X amount of time.

I am way to pessimistic! OK - I'm thinking positive starting now...lol

I have to work all weekend, so I'll be slinging drinks whil most of the world is out having a great time. I hope anyone reading this has a great weekend. Don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses!

P.S. The picture is what SHOULD have happened last night!

Superman68701 33M

2/17/2006 2:10 pm

Yes you should think more positive...U hate feeling emotions, sounds like you put alot of emotion into that blog. You seem very compassionate...which is very attractive. Purely sexual relationship is what you want..well contact me and see how much emotional pleasure you can handle? P.S. that picture can happen anytime you want it. sorry for no pic, dig camera broke let's have some fun....ohhh I always tip the bartenders and waitresses.

tonguemaster345 45M

2/18/2006 5:28 am

anytime you need a booty call let me know. iwould love to go down on you.836

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