What have we come to?  

willudomeharder 40F
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4/7/2006 7:35 am

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4/14/2006 12:50 pm

What have we come to?

So last night was the last night of a pool league I belong to. All of the girls on my team are super-sweet & we're all pretty good friend. Well..one of the girls, I would consider my best friend (here in Nebraska). Her & her husband (also a good friend) had some problems a couple months ago. He started "talking" with a girl from his past. All they did was talk on the phone...he realized that things were getting too deep, so he ended it. This was all over and done with before my friend found out. Of course, seeing as how she was 7 months pregnant at the time, freaked out & did some detective work to make sure nothing more had happened between them. Anyway, long story short - they are working things out....but her trust in him has been understandably damaged. So...I was at a pool tournament all weekend long last weekend (really just a drunkfest with a couple of games of pool between margaritas). Well, her husband had to fill in for someone on our team (his wife wasn't there). But I have known these guys for years and am in NO way any kind of "threat" to their relationship. In fact I see them like I would a brother and sister.

Anyway, we all come home Sunday afternoon after the tourney ends..he says he isn't quite ready to go home & wants to go have a couple more beers. Well...I didn't have much else to do that day, so I said I'd go with him. So, we called his wife on our way & I told her we were gonna stop down & have a couple drinks...i didn't think we'd stay that long (after all it was 3 o'clock on a Sunday), so I'd drop him off in a little bit. She was fine with that, so he & i had a couple drinks & played some pool. In the meantime...the whole rest of the team walks in. So, we all start bullshitting and playing and drinking...and before I knew it, we had been there for almost 4 hours! I was starting not to feel well, so I found my friend's husband & said we needed to go. He was incredibly wasted & said it was probably a good idea cause his wife had called and was thouroughly pissed that he wasn't home yet. I called her back & she said "He's a big boy, he knows when he's pissing his wife off, he knows when to come home." But still...I'm the one that drove, so I apologized for staying out so long and started dragging him out the door by his jacket....



So, anyway...took him home...didn't think much of it. A couple days later, I'm working at the bar (same one we went to on Sunday), and i overhear one of the girls that was on our pool team say something like she was glad all those people came in to keep an eye on me & my friend's husband. Implying that he or I were trying to make a move on eachother. Now....this thouroughly pisses me off. I ask her what the hell she meant by that (she didn't realize i was standing behind her - not the brightest crayon in the box)..to which she mumbled some response and walked very quickly to the bathroom. Another girl she was sitting with looked at me & said don't worry...we all know that you & him would never do anything like that..blah blah blah.

OK....personally, I could give a shit less what 95% of the people in that place think of me. However, the girl that is saying this crap has one of the biggest mouths in town & I'm sure, by now, the whole town believes he and I are having a full blown affair. So, I told my friend (the wife) about this all last night, and of course she knows that nothing like that happened, ever would happen, or ever will happen....which made me feel a thousand times better.

My question is this....is it really THAT unfathomable to think that a male and a female are nothing more than platonic friends? Seriously, I know I talk a big game...but COME ON. Just because I'm single does NOT mean that I'm gonna be after every guy i see. I do have standards. I don't go after or reciprocate advances from men that are married or attached. Why is it such a foreign concept that a man and a woman CAN have a platonic relationship?

Even over St Patty's day...I stayed up with my other best friend & her husband for the weekend. I got snowed in & ended up staying an extra day. She had to work, so her hubby and I just hung out at their place. All of her friends at work could not believe that she would leave her husband alone with another woman. She told me this & I was just dumbfounded. Are people that mis-trusting? Do they really take their marriage vows seriously...or do they only love honor & cherish until they get horny? Come on people! If you're in a relationship - especially a marriage - STAY FAITHFUL. It's not all about sex all the time. Well.....for us single gals it can be...

TakeACowboy4ARyd 56M

4/7/2006 12:47 pm

Enjoyed reading your blog and agree with you in your last 2 paragraphs. I have always hung around and partied with alot of women friends and not a thing has happened with alot of them except with the ones that weren't married and if it did it was consincual on both parties and we are still friends today. But you know how some people have to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

rm_slydog4j 34M

4/8/2006 9:57 am

that's just how society has gotten, a lot of people believe that there is no way a man and woman can just be friends. most people believe that the guy always has a different/secret agenda. but as long as your friend/his wife knows nothing would ever happen don't worry about all the bullshit gossip. i grew up in north platte so i know alot about small town gossip and rumors. sometimes people make me think they never really get out of high school, if it's not their business they should not speak about it. hope you get into a better mood.

SlungSpeltDrugs 58M
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4/9/2006 8:23 am

Yeah some people just don't get it. I could be standing in the middle of a hardware store and have some woman I never knew come up and ask me questions about some thing and my ex would have it blown up to us having a affair. What really got me was it didn't matter what the woman even looked like. By the By it didn't mater either that my ex and I had a long term threesome with my best friend she was just that way.

dasher121 37M

4/12/2006 7:05 am

just really shows the stupidity of other people. My best friend is a female. We will sometimes get side comments here and there about "hooking up". Piss's me off because she is like a sister to me and could never imagine us doing that. So I def feel your frustration on this,


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