Stories from behind the bar....  

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2/19/2006 2:06 pm

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Stories from behind the bar....

OK - so I worked both Friday and Saturday nights this weekend. Friday was pretty boring. Saturday, however, was incredibly busy. There was only two fo us there, and i don't think I sat down from 7pm till 2:30am when we finally got everything cleaned up. This is pretty much the norm on weekends - however, I had a "special visitor" come in. I know I had told him I was a bartender (part time) but I had never said where (not even the town). It was the guy I was supposed to meet up with last week. He knows my real name & what I sound like & vaguely what I look like, but still had never seen me in person or even a recent picture of my face (he wanted it that way to add to the whole "stranger: motiff). I'm behind the bar - trying to open a bottle of beer and mix a tequila sunrise at the same time & he walks up there in front of me across the bar. You know how you can tell when someone is staring at you? Well - I completely felt it. So I look up and there is this extremely attractive, well-built man who smells amazing and has very very green eyes. He just looked at Me & I asked what I could do for him.

He said "Oh sweetie, there is alot we can do for eachother." I was about to brush it off (I had heard the same line from about 20 different people that night). But then he says "damn...if I had known this was you...I would have waited up all night long." I turned around & must have had this puzzled look on my face & he said "you don't recognize my voice?" I shook my head, got him his beer and he says "from AdultFriendFinder....I'm "....." we were supposed to hook up last week & couldn't get it to work." I could feel my face getting red, so I told him I didn't know what he was talking about. He kind of smiled & said something about talking to me later. So about an hour later, I was standing behind the bar having my 1/2 a cigarette break, when my cell started ringing. Normally i just ignore it, but I looked at the ID, and it was the guy from AdultFriendFinder. Then I hear this voice "I told you it was me." I turn around & there he is again, with his phone to his ear. I just smiled & stuck my hand out. We actually started having a pretty good comversation, but then it got busy again. He pulled me over & said "meet me in the back when you can." Then he completely caressed my ass.'s um...been a while for me & oh my god I had forgotten how nice it is to have a man put his hands on you. So I was working the rest of the night trying to find an excuse to go to the back. Finally, right after last call, I made my way back there. I found him sitting at a table & he got up & met me in the middle of the room. He took my hand & just walked straight into the women's bathroom. Just walked right on in. He locked the stall door, turned around, grabbed me and planted the best kiss I have had in a long time on me. I thought I was seriously going to faint. I was (of course) kissing him back, and he started to run his hands all over me. I put my arms around his neck, and he started feeling up my ass...grabbing one of my legs to bring it up around his & kissing my neck and rubbing my boobs until my nipples were so hard they almost hurt. Before I knew what was happening, he had unzipped my pants...hand his hand on my pussy, and was kissing me sooo hard and deep (probably to muffle my moans) It was probably a whole 30 seconds before I could feel myself cumming... Oh my was awesome. Afterwards, he fixed my clothes, smoothed my hair and kissed me again & said that I need to call him. I told him that I agree - I do need to call him! So, we walked out together (total time in the bathroom = 8 minutes probably). I went back behind the bar & started picking up drinks and cleaning. I didn't see him leave, but I hope he saw the HUGE smile I had on my face when he walked by.

I'm still not sure how I feel about "allowing" someone to....well...touch me like that. Don't get me wrong - if I wanted to stop him, I could have. But I didn't want him to stop. In fact, I really wanted him to straight-up fuck me right there in the second stall! Am I now like one of those girls that gives head in the bathroom? I hope not. I'm just horny - not a ho. hee hee hee and the pic is what I did all night thinking about it....

mikeyboy100 50M

2/19/2006 2:40 pm

Hey Cool story, hi from NZ...I love the hospo business...I have been a bartender and worked in hotels and always have had great times and loads of sex - mostly with the other staff especially after a few drinks at the end of the shift and knowing you don't have to start work until late the next day...but enough times with guests too...the ritzy hotels are the best - there seems to be some sort of excitment with those people in fucking the staff and then ignoring them later. When I was a room servcie waiter was the best times. Guests would deiberatly let you in when they were naked, or their girlfriend or husband was tied to the bed.. Sometimes they asked you to join in, sometimes you knew you just had to ignore everything and get out of there - and that was their fantasy.
Anyway - love your profile and keep blogging...

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