Dedicated to Bessy.... :(  

willudomeharder 40F
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6/8/2006 9:36 am

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6/9/2006 7:03 am

Dedicated to Bessy.... :(

I am just a blogging fool today...anyway....

I have about a 25 minute drive to work in the mornings...and most of it's i actually kind of enjoy it. If gives me a chance to wake up, listen to the also gives my hair a chance to dry if I didn't blow dry it that morning.

However..this morning...I'm pretty sure I drove myself right into a bizarre other-world. I'm used to getting trapped behind slow when I eventually ended up behind this little Geo Metro going about 53 in a 60 mph zone...I didn't freak out...I just started looking for a chance to pass. Cars were starting to pile up behind me...and we're on a two lane highway. Finally my opportunity arose..I signal that I'm gonna pass..start to go into the other lane..and just happen to glance in my side mirror and see this HUGE friggin red truck coming up from behind me in the other lane. He lays on his horn...I jerk my car back into my lane...lay on MY horn and have to almost slam on my brakes to keep from hitting the somehow managed to do all of this while screaming obscenities at him & giving him the ol' one finger salute (cause I'm ultra-ladylike like that). the red truck goes flying off..doing well over the speed limit by this time...I get around the Metro in a couple minutes, and continue on my way. About 5 miles down the road...I see these flashing red lights. As I get closer, I see that a wonderful Nebraska State Trooper has ol whatzhiznutz in the red truck pulled over. So I kind of slow down while I go by...look over and laugh. So...I'm about three miles from work (still on a rural highway) when I see this "thing" standing in the road. I get closer and this thing - whatever it is - is NOT moving. So...I get closer and's a cow. (Hey, this is Nebraska....shit like this happens) So I'm almost stopped about twenty feet away from it...honk a couple just looks at me. So I try to go around it...the cow actually spooks a little and runs into the lane I was gonna go around it in....and stays then I try the other side...the goddamn cow did it again! I swear, Bessy was messing with me on purpose! Normally cows will run away from cars....but this one was obviously pissed about something, cause she was standing her ground.'m yelling at the cow..trying to maneuver my car around her (the road had very very steep ditches and practically no shoulder) when she starts trotting away....but she's trotting in the direction I'm going. SO, i just decide to follow her...LOL...I bet I looked so stupid following this Black Angus cow down the highway going about 7 mph. Finally I manage to get around her...and by that time..I felt like her I waved g'bye to her.

I no sooner get almost to work...when who comes up behind me again? Whatzhiznutz in the red truck! He's hauling ass in his truck (probably pissed about the ticket he had just received). I turn into work...and to my surprise, whatzhiznutz turns in as well. He asks me if he could use my phone...cause he has to call the police...cause he just hit a cow. I look over & the front of his truck is all smashed up. I asked him if he was OK...he said he was..I asked him if the cow was OK...and he laughed (the asshole actually laughed) and said..."It better not be." Then I stood there and told him about how I had seen the cow in the road and managed to get around her WITHOUT killing her and how he was a shitty driver anyway...and how i really really hoped the owner sues him...and that beyond that he was being a complete ass over the whole situation. Anyway...he came inside and used the boss ended up knowing Bessy's owner's name so he called him....and I'm not sure what happened after that.

But it sucks cause I'm so sad now....

Poor Bessy.....

Sweetpickles69 48F

6/8/2006 3:28 pm

My deepest sympathies! LMAO!


goldinboy2 61M

6/9/2006 5:23 am

Being the country boy that I am I've seen cows in the road lots of times mostly you can get around them occasonaly they get hit,not good for the cow not good for the cow at all.Maybe the knuckleheads ins. won't cover him.

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