what cheeses me off today !!!  

willow1937 58F
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5/15/2006 11:36 pm
what cheeses me off today !!!

Food for thought today , was chatting to a Friend off mine who is also on a chat site on the net , she was so angry about meeting this guy who showed her his pic and has been chatting for sometime on the phone , then they meet omfg well what a shock for her the pic he had sent her was at least 10 years old !!!!! and didn't look nothing like him
So i guess what im trying to say it ,why do people who intend meeting people do this , im sure its both men and woman who do . i think is about time they sad down and looked at there profile and asked them self how would they feel if this shit happen to them , and i guess it does happen to us all , lucky I've not come across this as yet , so why not get your shit together and update and give us all a brake so how many off us can honestly say the pic we have on owe profile is under a year old ??????
oh shit my time is up soon lol mine was taken in sept 05 lol . must keep an eye on that lol

1_to_play_with 45M

5/18/2006 4:05 pm

first reply here. yay for me hehe Totally agree with this J. What is the point in being fake, in time people will get to know and realise what is the real you and what isn't. May as well be up front and honest from day one.

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