Alpha Male episode of the week!!  

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7/3/2006 12:15 am

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Alpha Male episode of the week!!

I remember someone posting earlier about some of the instances in life that bring out your darker side. I had one of those instances this weekend, and would enjoy any and all comments. First off, I am not ashamed or give a rat's ass who wants to judge what kind of person I am from this one incident, so unleash with your best shots. I enjoyed what I did, this is why I need your input.

While out partying with friends, I walk outside the nightclub we were at for a bit of fresh air, and there, sitting on my motorcycle is an intoxicated female. I dont mind people looking, but if you were to walk outside and I were sitting in your brand new Mercedes convertible looking as if I were about to toss my cookies, you would be upset also! So I politely help her off without knocking my machine off its stand. Her Intoxicated boyfriend feels the need to get in my face! I gently, but firmly, push him from my path as I walk around to the entrance to re-enter the club. This was around midnight.

Clubs here dont close until 2 am. So me and my friends are in the DJ booth ( I used to do security for this club) having a blast. One of the new security guards come and gets me around 1:45 a.m. Some jackass is outside sitting on your motorcycle. Ok, twice in one night. I walk outside, and its the girls boyfriend! I am not one to believe intoxicated people have good judgement. I do not.... do not drink while I am riding my motorcycle. I even remembered it to be July 4th weekend, and wore my padded motorcycle jacket. So, I proceed to ask him to please get off my motorcycle. He politely refuses. I then chop him in the throat grab him by the pants and lift him in the air. Asking who he rode with, I find the vehicle he needs to be in and not so gently place him in the rear drivers side door of a 4 door Dodge Ram. The owner of the truck is his older brother, and is angry for the way I treated his brother. So, I asked him if I had done anything wrong.

This asshole is sober! Well if you have a problem with the way I treated him, you should have gotten him off my bike when I asked him. He then tells me he is gonna kick my ass! This is where I would usually backdown! Not tonight! We walk across the street, off the clubs property, where no one can interfere. I tell him this is his chance to apologize and walk away, I knew he wouldnt. I dont know if this is a problem where you live, but here we have a high "juice monkey" population. These are individuals who weigh about 157lbs in the winter and average 215lbs in the summer.This is due to the abundance of steroids they take. It is not healthy, nor does it make you invincible as these youngsters think!

This boy must have topped the scales at 255lbs of solid muscle. Very intimidating to behold. He starts to take off his shirt, when he pulls it over his head, I kick out one of his knees! He hits the ground and starts to scream. I help him up, and uppercut him with an elbow. He staggers back and as he regains his balance, I land a flying front kick to his sternum, and hear a crunch. Now for the first time, I'm scared I may be going to jail for this shit once again.

He is doubled over and gasping for air. He looks up and charges me!!! I quickly jump up and try to knee him in the face..... glancing blow, we both hit the ground. I am winded from this behemoth landing on me, and knocking the wind outta me. He reaches up trying to claw my eyes, my glasses the only thing that saved me. I proceed to bite his fingers! Not that let go bite either, in the heat of the moment I wanted blood.

We both scramble to our feet, and once again I ask if hes had enough. He kicks dirt up and into my face..... God loves me and made me blind enough to need glasses. Its the only thing that saved me again. This bastard punches me with all his might in the chest and lifts me off the ground and about 6ft backwards. Fuck this shit, I've had enough. I kick the same knee out from under him again, place him in an arm bar and break his left arm. While on the ground screaming in pain, I systematically break his ankle, his knee, his right hand, and kick him in his ear twice trying to shatter his eardrum!

This is when my buddies pull me off of him. He is gonna need an ambulance, and the cops are on there way. I had resolved myself to going to jail, and had given my keys to my friend that also rides, to take my bike home.

When the cops arrived, we find out he was wanted for domestic violence, and distribution of a controlled substance in Livingston Parish( steroids, and our parishes are your counties or townships). they ask how it started, and told me I wouldnt be charged, seeing that I told him he had the chance to leave. Him being the aggressor put me in fear of my life, from his sheer size! Hey, he only out weighs me by about 20lbs. That was the fight.

So, after dealing with all that, we head to WAFFLE HOUSE, a drunk party goers haven. We're ordering food when this group of people enter that were at the same club we were at. One girl looks familiar, but I cant really place her. She comes to the table and apologizes for sitting on my bike earlier, she was a little more sober now! This girl is the reason I'm sore and pissed right now! So, I buy her a cup of coffee and tell her to join us. I end up taking this girl back to my house.

We banged until about 10 am and it was glorious! I grudge fucked the shit outta this woman, in every hole it would fit in! I did things I've dreamed about for years, pulling hair, inserting foreign objects, animal lust. Anal with very little lube, and straight pounding!! The harder I went the more she begged for more. I truthfully hurt her, and ripped her anus and her slit a little. Do I feel bad......NOPE!! You wanna know the greatest part........... I still dont know her name!! Dont want to know it, and if I see her boyfriend...... I'll thank him and give him 5 dollars. Tell that to your Jailbird-Bendingover-For-Bubba older brother! I'm going to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7/9/2006 7:56 pm


But truth be told, most would do something along these lines, myself included. And my opinion of what type of person you are?? Still the same, still think you're pretty terrific!! -B {=}

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7/10/2006 3:51 pm

    Quoting libgemOH:

    But truth be told, most would do something along these lines, myself included. And my opinion of what type of person you are?? Still the same, still think you're pretty terrific!! -B {=}
Thanks hun....... btw, i'm out of the rescue field for good I hope details later!!!!!

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