Haven't a clue what I am doing on here!  

willdoanythin7 50M
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4/28/2005 3:04 am

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10/17/2006 9:28 am

Haven't a clue what I am doing on here!

This is my first blog...and I only joined about a week ago.
Do people ever meet for fun on here as I innocently thought it was easy!
So far I have sent about 8 mails to people with no response, it wasn't until the 7th one i realised standard members cant reply to me so what exactly is the point of this site?
If anyone has advice..or failing that any nice fit fun loving women that see this get in touch me and convince this is all worth it, I am truely up for anything, apart from Vampirism, cannabilsm etc...i'm sure u get the picture.
Anything else is ok..
Share your thoughts with me...sexy women, share your body with me!!

rm_tital8er4U 62F

5/11/2005 2:50 am


Sorry ur having trouble getting responses to ur email........u must be contacting the wrong people.......if u'd like to contact me I'd reply without fail! Although being a standard member myself.....I'm limited in the amount of daily replies I send......therefore I would advise including some other way of contacting u.....so that on AdultFriendFinder alone we don't depend!

I've met up with a couple of gr8 guys from here.......so don't despair.....there are other genuine people out there.......somewhere!!

Hope this helps u in ur quest........and hope u find what ur looking for.....altho I'm sure u will with all that energy and zest! TiTs X

willdoanythin7 50M

5/14/2005 2:08 pm

Thanks...i have sent u a message to your account as well. I am dead chuffed I have after all th time...a very lonely time..sob sob, got a reply.
So come on the rest of you.( especially the fairer sex..no not the queens out here) talk to me!!

Easygoinglover11 36M
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2/3/2006 9:10 am

Tell ya wot M8 i aint no luck at all either, with getting replys! Ive sent a few and not a thing! First time on hear, trying to work it out and how to impress the ladies if you know wot i mean!

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