A fun game to play  

wildwicked41 52F
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6/18/2006 11:33 am

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7/1/2006 4:55 pm

A fun game to play

if you leave a comment, i will: 1: respond with something random that i know or think i know about you. 2: tell you what song or movie or celebrity you remind me of. 3:if you are male i will tell you the most likely place that you and i will make out. 4: i will say something that only makes sence to you and me or at the very least make something up to give the peeps something to talk about. 5:i will tell you my first/clearest memory about you. 6:i will tell you what your name would be if you were the opposite gender. 7: i will ask you something i have always wondered about you. 8:in order to play here you should be willing to post this yourself so please report this in your blog and...............let the games begin.....

need4speed30711 54M

6/24/2006 7:19 pm

lets see what you come up with on me ?

wildwicked41 52F

6/27/2006 11:12 am

1)that you weren't b/s'ing about something you said,2) the song you remind me of is slow ride,3) wherever we are together is where we will make out because we have yet to find a place we won't,4) damn you, should make perfect since to you,5) first clear memory is you getting me to say something i never thought i would and we hadn't even met in person at that point,6) no female name would work for you,7) what i have always wondered is how do you do that thing that you do?

wantdick2nite 38M

6/30/2006 9:51 pm

sup...... i like your blog, i feel the same way..

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