!st time in a car...  

wildred4you 46F
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7/25/2006 7:34 am

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7/30/2006 4:22 pm

!st time in a car...

Ok, whom ever invented this idea obviously had a very large car to move around in. I'm not saying that sex in a car cannot be done or be enjoyable, just make sure you have plenty of room and a large enough car. My first time in a car was in a 1985 Chevy cavalier, with my high school boyfriend.
Now mind you Shawn was cute and we were both very limber; being 16 & 17 at the time, but none the less I had a bruise the size of the gear shift for like 4 weeks!
The next was better, as I did it in the backseat with me on top - actually prefer that; being in control that is, in a truck.

Oh the most important thing to all this is - park somewhere that a police officer cannot see you; because in all reality, they love to watch you BEFORE they ap on the window!

rm_mk1867 59M
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7/26/2006 7:54 am

I used to have a 1969 Cadilac eldorado, it was a real chick magnet. The hood was the size of an aircraft carrier but the inside was like a jet cockpit, not much arm room let alone leg room.
I found the modern SUV, with the seats that fold down, is great for this purpose. Add tinted windows and you can do it in a semi-busy public area.
P.S. it helps when you know all the cops.

tall1_4fun 44M
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7/27/2006 11:36 am

I agree that sex in a vehicle can be very uncomfortable, especially for me. I'm 6'7" tall and weigh over 200 lbs so you can imagine i take up the back seat myself. fortunately my height allows me to stand outside and enter my partner while she is still inside in several positions. if you really want to turn up the intensity, then just put her on the hood of the car and do it during a warm summer rain. you won't have to worry about the cops then because they don't like to get wet!

friskyin44221 45M

7/30/2006 3:55 am

AHH yes! I can remember back in my awkward high school days parking behind the old Lowes theater on State Road,or down at/in the church on Grant St,just off of 9th,or Grant school parking lot (where i got interrupted once or twice by the rapping of a police flashlight)...The joys of being being young,dumb, and full of cum...Not a care in the world, just lookin to get laid...

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