wildone4u14810 48F
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8/2/2006 7:38 pm

Well I had the best last few days ..I got to spend time with the person that I like very much ..We took my kids to Waktins Glen State Park and walked the gorge,seen the water falls, then we went swimming at the park and had a blast ..It was very refreshing after walkin the gorge on a 90* degree day ..Then we took the kids go-kart racing ..and they LOVED it ..We jammed to tunes on the way back home ..Went to the pizza store picked up are pizza and came home and ate ..We was all starving after the eventful day we had, had ..Everyone had a great time ..
I had a great time all day and then later that evening ...I love and enjoy spending time with the man that I am now dating .He is a great man ..And I have a lot of respect for this man bc he considers my kids feelings as well ..And that hasnt happened with ANY man that I have met or dated in the past ...Goes to show u how disrespectful they was to my kids let alone to me ..Guess I was lookin in the wrong place ..
I am VERY HAPPY that I have met the man that I have ..He is the GREATEST..and I look forward to seein him everytime that he comes to visit and spend time with me ..we have had some great times together already ...And plan to have many more to come ....

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