The Cybersex Adventures of Derek and Ebony--Part II  

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11/30/2005 8:31 pm

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The Cybersex Adventures of Derek and Ebony--Part II

For the background to this, read my very first post at the bottom. In short, this is an actual IM conversation I had with a lady, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Of course, I am Derek; the african-american lady I am messaging is Ebony, and Malcolm and Jeanette are our alter egos.

Derek (8:41:33 AM): Did you enjoy the messages?

Ebony (8:42:07 AM): yes I was like laweed has he been drinking? or better yet is he in writing mood?

Ebony (8:42:13 AM): a little of both?

Derek (8:42:35 AM): No, I was in a writing mood. I hadn't had a drop to that point.

Derek (8:44:06 AM): If you know who Hunter Thompson is, he is known for both his writing and his drug abuse. He once said that writing was the best drug he had ever found. I don't do drugs, so I will have to take his word for that. Based on my experience however, that seems reasonable.

Ebony (8:45:29 AM): laweed

Ebony (8:45:30 AM): hahaha

Ebony (8:45:49 AM): I have to go get coffee

Ebony (8:45:54 AM): will be back in about 15

Derek (8:45:59 AM): I was sitting here with your writing in front of me, re-reading it and typing comments to you as I read.

Derek (8:46:00 AM): Cool

Ebony (8:46:11 AM): wow

Derek (8:46:15 AM): I am going to clean up myself

Ebony (8:46:15 AM): so you like it huh?

Derek (8:46:21 AM): yes I like it

Ebony (8:46:23 AM): clean up yourself?

Ebony (8:46:25 AM): your body?

Ebony (8:46:29 AM): your home

Derek (8:46:31 AM): only physically

Ebony (8:46:31 AM): what?

Ebony (8:46:33 AM): oh

Ebony (8:46:35 AM): oh ok

Ebony (8:46:36 AM): tehehe

Derek (8:46:37 AM): showever etc

Derek (8:46:54 AM): morally I will still be questionnable

Derek (8:47:01 AM):

Ebony (8:47:17 AM): hmmm well that might be goodness

Derek (8:47:25 AM): Get your coffe and you will have a little something to read when you return.

Ebony (8:48:16 AM): ahhhhhhh ok

Ebony (8:48:18 AM): going now

Derek (8:56:49 AM): Malcolm lay on his back with Jeannette's head resting on his shoulder. He felt her gentle breath across his chest and looked into her big, brown eyes. He reached up and lightly ran his index finger across her full lips two or three times. Jeanette raised her eyes to his and slowly placed her lips over the tip of his finger and starting sucking. Malcolm felt another erection beginning to grow. Jeanette began to move her head up and down on his finger as she did on his cock. Malcolm could feel the back of her throat and the sensation of her lips going up and down the sides of his finger started to send chills throughout his body. Malcolm slowly withdrew his finger and sat up. He motioned for Jeanette to sit up and then adjusted the pillows into a pile behind her.

Derek (8:58:09 AM): He then lightly pressed her shoulders back into them so that she was reclining at a slight angle.

Derek (9:03:08 AM): He then rose and straddled her chest so that his balls were lightly brushing the top of her cleavage, but so that he was not putting any weight onto her chest. He took his cock into his hand and slowly inserted it into her mouth, savoring the sensation of her lips brushing against its sides as it slid into what felt like a warm pussy with teeth just barely touching the upper and lower sides of his cock. He took her hands and placed them on the insides of his thighs. "If I pump too deep and you feel like you're going to choke," he said, "press back on my thighs." Jeanette nodded and he felt her tongue moving along the head of his cock.

Derek (9:10:26 AM): Malcolm began to slowly pump so that he could feel her full lips moving along his cock while her tongue toyed with its tip. He moved it slowly toward her throat and it wasn't until his cock was almost fully in that she started pressing against his thighs. He looked down at her and felt a rush of pleasure flood his brain. He pulled back until only the head remained in her mouth and then pressed it in again. He did this again and again and again for several minutes, sometimes stopping to lean his head back, close his eyes, and throw himself entirely into feeling the warm moisture of her mouth lining his rock-hard erection that felt more and more like it was going to explode. But Malcolm withheld his ejaculation as best he could, trying to keep the sensation going as long as possible.

Derek (9:17:53 AM): When he could stand it no more and cumming was imminent, Malcolm withdrew his cock almost too late for what he wanted. As it came out the first few drops of semen hit against Jeanette's nose and down her mouth and chin, but Malcolm managed to get most of it where he wanted-in the top of her cleavage as he felt the waves of pleasure shooting out in spurt after spurt. When he had finished, Jeanette moved her head forward and licked the remaining semen from the tip of his cock. She looked up at him with a naughty, girlish grin. "Why didn't you come in my mouth? I would have like to have swallowed that." Malcolm looked down at the semen running across her boobs and down to her throat and wondered what pleasure she derived from that sensation. She seemed to enjoy it immensely.

Derek (9:21:16 AM): Almost as much as he did in creating it. She extended her pink tongue and licked the semen from around her lips. "I like the look of white semen on a black woman's skin. It turns me on almost as much as cumming in her mouth." Jeanette looked down at her boobs, ran a polished nail through the spreading semen, and then licked the semen from her fingertip, while she looked Malcolm in the eyes and giggled naughtily.

Derek (9:22:09 AM): How's that for a quick 15 minutes of writing? I seem to enjoy writing erotica now more than any other form--for obvious reasons.

Derek (9:23:26 AM): I take it you are not back yet. I am going to clean up, but before I leave I will check back to see if you have read this. Have you gotten a webcam yet, by the way?

Derek (9:46:27 AM): I will be signing off for now. I have errands to run and I need to get breakfast. I will check back later. -Derek

Ebony (9:48:56 AM): you are something else

Derek (9:49:03 AM): Thanks

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