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5/22/2006 9:51 pm

weellllll John,
I do think if i did live closer i would find it so enjoyable provoking you to a hard on every chance i got and showing you all of my naughty lil girl antics that you would be lookin forward to a new thrill as to what i was going to do next for that spankin and then what would come after that. Could you just imagine draggin me to the nearest motel room and tearin my clothes off till my bottem is bare and or are you the kind of man that would prefer to just lift my skirt and rip my panties from me and bend me over your lap? Could you imagine the look in my eyes as I reliaze you are takin this serious and my little teasing game has consequences that i'm going to pay for. My dark eyes would be huge, but you wouldn't be able to tell if it was from fear or arousal. Maybe a lil of both? I would definitly have to turn up the heat just a little bit more though. I'd catch your eyes and look at your evenly and say, surely your kidding me? your NOT going to treat me like a child an spank me are you? then i'd jerk my arm from you and scramble across the bed with you in hot pursuit, which you would grab my ankle and pull me fighting and kicking down across the bottom of the bed and pull me up and slam me back down on my tummy and with and open hand give me a couple of swats that resound around the room. I jerk and holler in surprise and look back at you in pain and heat!! That's when i see it....I see a very hard dick straining against your pants with a wet spot....i pause and stare, lean back on my elbow and give you that soft irresistable smile and lick my lips.....I close my eyes slowly and open them and look up into your eyes and what i see in your eyes takes my breath away....i see a demon ready to pounce! I feel like i have just pushed to far but there is no where for me to retreat....in a flash you are over me, your pants are unzipped and your hand is behind my head gripping a handful of my hair tightly, oh kitty kitty you sneer as you focus on my mouth, i stare at your cock as it get's closer and closer, i close my mouth tight, you trace around my lips, softly, teasing me, patient with me, i look up into your eyes, some of the ice has melted, Open your mouth for me baby, i press my lips together tighter, you rub your cock all around my face then, my cheeks, across my eyes, i feel your precum across my lips, then you start to tap at my lips, a little harder, Your hand pulls my hair back some as your thumb traces under my throat, then you come down to my face and ask in a low voice...ever been cock slapped before? My eyes flash open as your cock starts to slap my face first one side then the other then on my mouth, i gasp!! thats when you take what you were waiting for, you slam your cock through my lips and start to slide it in and out, i start to struggle and wiggle around, and you say, you know this will go much better if you stop that damn fighting! CALM THE FUCK DOWN! I try to back up but you hold my head still and force it back even more, with your thumb pushing my throat back further, my throat opens some, i can feel you swelling in my mouth, i look up at you and start to watch as your hips pumps in and out, i'm mesmerized by the way your body is straddling my chest and you have me pinned down and i'm unable to move again, I start to feel panicky because all of a sudden i can't breathe, shhhhh you say, your ok, don't try to swallow, you start to fuck my mouth faster. Slobber is bubbling up thur my mouth, and down your cock, i start to gag, oh fuck yeah baby. I feel your cock pulsating in my mouth and i feel your cum racing up the length of your cock then i feel it explode to the back of my throat. I start to gulp the creamy sweet cum...you hold my head as you spurt the last of your cum and before i get the last of it swallowed you roll me over and start spanking me again then you open my legs and start finger fucking me, oh yeah princess, that's what i though, your pussy needed this, look how wet you are, you add two more fingers and slam fuck me inbetween smacks on my ass as i scream and gush, then you flip me over and put my legs over your shoulders and start fucking me so hard the bed is movin to the timing of your thrusts, i grab your head and pull your face down to mind an kiss you deep while i keep cumming and cumming, i can feel myself splashing between us, i'm going from small soft whimpers to loud moans to throaty screams, our bodies crashing into each others over and over again.... my whole body is trembling against yours, i look up into your eyes while we finish cumming for the last time....well for that time anyway.....mmmmm.....fantasies....so wonderful so dwell on.....so you see john, we live so far away....but as you can see it won't stop me from teasing you now will it?

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