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5/22/2006 9:40 pm

> ohhhh john,
> you just have no idea what your picture has
> unleashed inside me...i've seem men that are
> attractive, but this picture of you has like a
> animal magnetism that smolders from those eyes...you
> are ruggedly handsome, no doubt about that...and
> that is the kind of guy that i'm most often
> attracted to...i think about seeing you from across
> a room in a restaurant, and just watching you, and
> of course touching myself while i sit innocently
> observing a man like you....i would wonder if my
> looks would attract a man like you, or would i be
> the kind of woman you would glance at then look
> around for something more to your liking? which i'm
> very curious as to what kind of woman attracts your
> attention John? Is it the wild lookin nymph type
> that gets that cock hard? or the soft less
> conspicuous type of woman, long legs maybe? long
> blonde hair? i bet if i caught your eye i would
> manage to get you to do a double take? smiles..i do
> so enjoy getting an attractive man's attention...i
> have no
> problem with looking a man in the eyes and let him
> see me checking him out, i do it on a daily
> basis...if a man is brave enough to hold my gaze,
> then i'm pretty much hooked, it takes a quiet
> confidence in one's self to meet eye to eye, don't
> you think John? Let me see, i just wonder what
> would John do if he saw me across the room, i wonder
> if you would sense me feeling you with my eyes?
> would it make you uncomfortable, or would you
> brazenly stare back? maybe i would allow a soft
> smile to play over my lips as i let you watch as my
> dark eyes travel across your face, down to your
> mouth, sometimes i love this lil tactic with younger
> guys, when i look at their mouth, i like to lick my
> lips slowly then let my eyes meet theres, sometimes
> they are much to shy to play my lil game, but that's
> ok with me, cuz you know what John? That cute young
> guy is going home with the thought of me on his
> mind, my pale soft skin, my dark shiny hair, my
> bedroom eyes, oh! and then there is that full
> cleavage that they can't help but notice, they try
> so hard John not to let their eyes look down, but
> it's so damn cute when i catch them lookin, cuz then
> they gulp and look away...but I know from experience
> that they are jackin off first thing when they get
> home...then there are those kind of guys that are
> smart asses! my god i love them!! they are daring,
> totally gives in to what they are curious
> about...they are led around by their hard dicks!
> They can smell me comin for miles and miles, they
> have fantacies about mature women, they just want to
> fuck!! and fuck hard!! oh yeah! that's what i'm
> screamin! mmmm i wonder what kind of guy you were
> when you were in your teens, number 1? or number 2?
> have you gotten more daring as you get older like
> me, or were you always the kind of guy to take a
> risk and see where it leads you? Baby, i'm just
> gettin started, i'm sitting here lookin at your
> picture, i see sensuality, passion! and a flame
> that needs to be fanned by me!! you want me?
> God i want you!! from across that room i see you
> in, i would love to catch your eyes and just give
> you a soft sweet smile...and i would most likely
> allow my fingers to touch the fullness of my
> breasts, I would wait to see if you would smile
> back? look away? ignore me? make a move? if i had
> your attention John? I just might bat my big brown
> eyes at you, accidently drop my napkin, get up, bend
> slowly with my eyes still on yours while my creamy
> soft cleavage is more noticeable, i would pick up
> the napkin, dab my lips slightly, my eyes never
> leaving yours....one hand running up the inside of
> my leg under the table, for your eyes only, by then
> i'd be wigglin all around and you would see one
> turned on woman beggin for mercy!! now lets just
> say that i get up, turn away, walk towards the
> ladies room with a cute wiggle in my walk, resisting
> the urge to turn back around and tell you to pick
> your jaw up off the floor...so now i'm so totally
> wet an throbbing John!! mmm god i need it bad!!
> i'm very curious to see what the rest of you looks
> like...have i been naughty lately??? oh my! where
> DO i begin?

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