I tremble....  

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2/8/2006 1:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I tremble....

Darkness envelopes me as I lay here. You are home now, but I remain alone. Your presence still lingers here, your scent remains, filling me and I tremble. My hand caresses the pillow where your head lay only a short time ago, and I pull the covers that still smell of you close to me. My body sighs, still feeling the power in your arm wrapped around me, pulling me up to you. The memory of the softness of your lips and passion in your kiss fill me with warmth and desire. My body aches for you.

My mind wanders to your eyes, and a pain builds in my heart. The time-worn hurt I see there fills me with sadness and I begin to cry. The longing I feel to replace that hurt with happiness and love causes the pain in my heart to peak and I cry out, desperately hoping you hear me somehow. Can you feel me, I wonder? Does my scent still linger with you? Do your thoughts trail off to me in those quiet moments that come over you? Or has the hurt in your soul blinded you to my heart?

What is this power you have over me? Why does my soul reach out to you? When you walk into the room, even unseen, I feel you there and I tremble. Your presence fills me with a heady desire to feel you....in me, on me, around me....the warmth of your skin, the power in your touch, the passion in your kiss. I long for your fingers to find my hair and pull me to you, and when they do I tremble. My body begins to long for what lives within you. The joy in feeling your strength as you begin to let go, for just that brief moment. The disappointment when you regain your grasp on the animal inside you. My eyes plead with you to let him go, to let him roam free. But you hold back, and I wonder why...will your animal really hurt me? My own animal, awakened by you, waits.....watching.....calling to yours. Will yours answer?

A memory quickly dances to mind of your hands on my wrists holding them high above me in the shower, up against the wall, your animal's hot breath on my neck. My body tingles at this memory, my wrists still feel your hands there and I become wet with desire. Another memory dances before me now, us in a room full of other people, the flash of a blade and the pull of your hand on the front of my shirt....the shock in their eyes, and my animal is awakened...pacing in it's cage, calling to you and longing to be set free. Will you answer it's call?

My mind knows you are not ready for what lies before you within me, and in some ways understands why. But my soul waits patiently, guarding my heart. My animal calls again to you, my body craving your touch, while my heart silently weeps in the deepest darkness for the hurt in your soul. My love, this is dedicated to you (you know who you are), and is dedicated to what is and what shall never be. My soul to your soul....forever and always.

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