Vacation Over  

CarryVanesLimas 46M  
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7/16/2006 8:59 am

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11/25/2006 6:08 pm

Vacation Over

I have not written in a long time, and aI apologize for that. At the time, I did not think I had anything to write about, but after reflecting on it, I was wrong. I had great vacation. I was on the go constantly during it. I needed a vacation from my vacation, but it was all good.

The beginning of my vacation, I went to see my family. It was a great time. Every day from July 1st to the 4th, I saw fireworks. It was great. We all had a picnic at my sister's house. Even though it rained a lot, we all had fun.

I drove home after the fourth to do some stuff around the house. I did not get a lot, but got what needed done. Friday, the 8th, I drove up to our weekend-long family reunion. I had a blast. We had a buffet dinner on Friday, the picnic Saturday, and golf on Sunday. What a blast.

Then it was back to work on Monday. It was a short week because on Thursday, Idrove to Nags Head for a fishing trip on Friday. The fishing trip was fun, only caught 1 tuna and a bunch of dolphin fish (aka Mahi Mahi).

The last few weeks were a lot of fun. Tiring, but fun.

Again, I am sorry if it has been so long since I wrote. In the future, I will write more. Maybe I will add more questions for you all to answer.

Thanks for stopping by.

_Safira 54F
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7/16/2006 9:33 am

WIKYD ~ Glad you got to have so much fun on your vacation ... and that you've rested-up. Looking forward to future posts.

Safira {=}

This is my blog - Comes With Warning Labels. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


CarryVanesLimas replies on 7/16/2006 10:43 am:
Thank you, Sweety, for stopping in. Always can count on you to lift my spirits.

frangipanigal 46F
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7/16/2006 4:33 pm

Welcome back.

Glad you had so much fun!

Only 1 Tuna...geez!


CarryVanesLimas replies on 7/16/2006 7:12 pm:
Thank you. Yeah only one tuna. Other boats caught a couple. Ours was small. They were everywhere just not biting. Oh well. I will get them next time.

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