reflections of my daY TODAY' & being thankful.  

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1/21/2006 11:08 pm

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reflections of my daY TODAY' & being thankful.

As, I told you all wifey3223 is on a mission of sucess. Im not letting nothing stop me in 06, no negativity. I Just put down money to take house off market fri, I CLOSE FEB 27. I was in my room so tierd, exsausted this day, we worked 6 days. IM not only just wifey but a friend, lady, mistress,mother, sister, daugter. Im a women of many hat's at one time, I longed to be the last a wife. But no longer, when I met my realestate lady friday. She was having a bad day, I was telling her. To knock the devil off, to give her boss a card with a few nice words. So then , I go to work saturday plants almost empty. Alot didnt come cause there getting paid last years vacation money . And its really not worth it to them, so any way . I was getting on my tc, relief etc cause of something he taught me wrong. Hes white, so his friend whom I think is prejudice pops in. Says she has her mind set, she aint doing it, I said excuss me but AM I TALKING TO YOU!@!!!!!. I guess, I said it well enough for him to know , leave me the fuck alone.I was upset all day, then I had gotten breakfast & lunch from a coney island as not to order out. What they sold , I WOULDNT OF FEED A DOG. I had so many who wanted me to go out tonight, but IM SO TIERD. Its so unfair of the things, people say & do in life. Im gonna go football on ya, I was watching remeber the titans tonight> all I could think of is my day. And after watching next time, Ill say to a white man like that , rem the titians. You see alot acuss me of not being cool, real . Well I am in real life, online life cause Im only being me.Then, a guy whom I just met offered to go to realestate with me, mind you I would be carrying 1,000. I havent met this man,only conversated... I've met so many whom seem, real fuck real & aint real,lie not honest. playing me as to my size or maturity, real men nope.Excusses, explanations, stories games. I SAY THIS, to say I can show you beter then tell you> I also no this for those who meet wifey3223, monkie & more . Im sure, Im unforgetable(as nate king cole song goes). My dad always say's clean youre yard before mine.Get you some bussiness , get out of mine.Shit on the pot or get up, realism , words to live by..........

remeber me always as who I SAY , I AM & as a lady still seaking to learn more on life. Were never to old to learn, to young to live?Im in the shell , I am for a reason. Remember we never know how god ' will reveal his self to use or who'll come to us.


1/22/2006 6:55 pm


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