i think were appauling and need to learn matters.  

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3/31/2005 10:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i think were appauling and need to learn matters.

hello,everyone anytime you mix alot of diverisities,races,there are bound to be some problems.
I myself didnt expect to meet judgemental people on here,to me if you can look at dicks,bottles in asses,and more.
You all she be more accepting of other issues,theres judgemental people every where.
But it dosnt make it right or wrong,Im glad ,Im not looking for self gratification in you peoples lifes.When will we as society,sexual people,and more we as americans get along.You also would think after 911 wed be more respectful,me myself no matter what?Im still happy and me ,you all dont know whats in peoples minds,or hearts when they say or write things in the magazine.do,you want that on youre judgement days,you never know how,when god sends people in youre lifes.And,I have met so nice ones on here.

god bless you all,sincerly yours renee '

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