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7/26/2006 7:00 pm

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I have been in this lifestyle for about 12 years now and find that,not only is it disillusioning but also mis-informative. Seems that most people are not what they say or portray in their profiles. I have also been married for 30 years and at times am asked, "How do you make it work for so long?", my answer is honesty, 100%, whole-hearted honesty, something that is really not part of the lifestyle, but should be. If folks were 100% honest in their approach to the lifestyle, there would be no back stabbing and cruelty among so-called friends. Guess that is why some contacts have to invent stories to tell, at their next meeting, about you. Honesty is usually not juicy information to pass along behind your back, which as stated in my profile, is not tolerated. I am in this lifestyle for the sex and friendships, but friendships can't emerge from the onslaught of jealous manipulation. If you are interested in meeting for sexual encounters then we are the couple for you, but if it is information and lies you need to boost your persona, then we are not what you are looking for. I do not compete in social or domestic standings and try to present myself as something I am not, nor do I have a need to gossip or fabricate stories about those we have had fun with, to glorify our own experiences. Discussions about couples, not present at a meet and greet or gathering, is not my forte', as is with alot of people we have met in the lifestyle. Unfortunately in small communities discontent runs ramped, and falseties and gossip spew like geisers, causing, stereo-typing and catagorizing of many members of the lifestyle and special groups, which in the long run just disillusions these fine folk and they will turn elsewhere for their satisfaction of the lifestyle, meaning if I or we don't make an appearance at "the best party, meet and greet, or group function" is just simply cause we choose not to. Honesty, up-front and no by products of such. Life in general deals us all enough bull-shit that we do not have to add to it in our recreation. It should be the escape from the everyday torment of work and politics and not an addition to the unpleasantries. Honesty is the only way that we can lead our lives, and always shy away from those that sling small talk and throw daggers. We enjoy the swinging lifestyle and always are searching for those that are not phoney and are honest in their persuit of sexual fulfillment.

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8/9/2007 8:07 am

i agre with you also. that is probly why i dont have much luck on there. some say i portraty myself as a redneck. i tell them i am and im not changing for anyone.

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You are absolutely right! Thank up for posting.

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