Never had Sex ? No way! I don't believe ya!  

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7/19/2006 3:30 am

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9/10/2006 5:57 am

Never had Sex ? No way! I don't believe ya!

Yeah so I'm 27! Never had sex in my life! Now ....I'm writing a blog on Adultfriend finder! Who woulda thought!!

Go ahead an laugh. I've laughed at myself a couple of times. It actually wasn very funny....But I laughed!

So whats this about me not having sex? Why am I all posted up on this site. Well I decided I needed to take a break. I mean its hard enough trying to resist....and my word have I resisted!I've been in enough situations that would surely test the resolve of the strongest individual.

Like the time I lived with a older cute Eastern European lady. She was missing her front teeth...I dont know, accident or something! Oh and her jucies....yep her juices...It smelt ...different. Unique! (am not a horrible person). She looked at me one day and said.."you celibate guys, you dont do sex, but you sure do know how to give good head."

She was right. One day she pinned me down, asked me politely to help her out. Now this is the conundrum. Me not wanting to go the whole way! How far is enough? It was harrrrrrrd! This lady was one of those screamers/shuddering movers! She knew how to wriggle. I got past the missing front teeth, (cause she was beautiful without them)and the unique juices (because arent they all unique?)

After her first 2 orgasams (aw shucks...) she really wanted to take it to the next level...thats when my conscience returned! I mean whats the point you may ask! You've gotten that far!

This peoples is what I have to content with every time!!!

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