as time passes  

why_waste_time 36M
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7/28/2006 3:23 am
as time passes

people get older and they realize that their dreams are running short. they no longer can last the night, let alone provide solace during the day. they things once drempt of as easily obtained, have in fact been left behind, passed. i often time worry, i often times worry that my youth (if i ever had any youth) is one of those things that has been passed, left behind, unused, misplaced, gone. i'm thinking about dropping out of school, again, and moving to new york. it's such a sex idea, which i guess is why i'm posting about it here.

hopefully before i die, i'll get to do something of the things i dream about. maybe i'll never post in this thing again and no one will read this. AdultFriendFinder as we all know is a sausage-fest, i think the dream of meeting interesting/attractive women online is running short; it's time has passed. as the time of and for all things does.

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