Younger and Older  

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3/1/2005 4:34 am

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Younger and Older

So, I'm in grad school right now. I'm just a touch older than the average and it's been great. Now, that I'm getting ready to finish up I've noticed something weird.

For most of my adult life I've been attracted to guys mostly 5-10 years older-- not exclusively, but that's the way my head turned. A lot of the guys in my classes are early to mid-twenties. After spending most every day in class with them (and there are some real hotties in there), I'm suddenly starting to check out the twentisomethings a lot more than i did before school. And not just at school, but everywhere.

It's no great revelation, but it's weird when your preferences change and you can tie it to a specific event. Believe me, I'm still open to all reasonable offers, but now I'm looking in new directions. It makes me wonder if my age preferences will change again once I'm back in the work world.

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