My name is deceiving to most......  

whiskey_river 56M
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2/10/2005 8:12 pm

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My name is deceiving to most......

The screen name I chose when I joined was a spur of the moment choice. At the time I found AdultFriendFinder I was listening to a cd of Willie Nelsons greatest hits. And as luck would have it the song that was playing was his theme song WHISKEY RIVER. SO I chose it as my name on he cause it's probably my favorite song in the world. But I think that when I send an email to meet some of the fine ladies on here, they see the name and say I'm not answering that email cause he's probably a drunk..... The truth of the matter is....due to my profession I rarely touch the stuff, oh yeah I enjoy a good sipping whiskey just like the next person but I choose not to partake in the enjoyment of it because I am sworn to protect the citizens of my community and I can't do that if I've been drinking. So if you ladies get an email from whiskey_river just remember it's just a name and all I want to get drunk on is your lovin'. I hope this will clear up any concerns you all may have if I send you an e-mail, Hope to talk to you al soon.....whiskey_river

skye392 53F

6/26/2005 11:04 pm

Nothing wrong with that name I love that song go with it

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