Friday, a hopeful day  

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6/23/2006 3:48 am

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Friday, a hopeful day

Up early today, 8:30 appointment 70 miles from home, work appointment, get your minds out of the gutter. Got a wink last night, from a gal who is looking for "Generous" dates, LOL! I think I could find one on the corner down town! I don't think soooo.

Anyhow, the Kitty and I chatted last night and she fully agreed the time at the Hot Tubs was as good as I posted. She told me in advance she'd never had a man who could satisfy her or keep up with her and I proved that a man 13 years older than her could not only keep up, but stay good and hard during the times it was needed as well.

This also proved I'm either pretty decent in using my tongue to get me through the "soft times" or perhaps shes slowed down after 30! LOL Any of you gals care to find out?? She says, she has not slowed one bit, WOW!

The saga continues. Off to work now, chat later...

Greg aka Whisker1161

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