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6/12/2006 5:52 am

I had a very nice introspective thought running thru my head as I woke this morning that would have fit into the "n" words that rambled through my head last night as I fell asleep, Nativism.....the belief that the mind possesses inborn thoughts. But after doing my morning routine, consisting of putting coffee on to brew, taking a shower and glancing at my naked body as I smoothed lotion over its length, (I have 5 fairly large mirrors in my bedroom, does that give insight to something weird? about me)? I changed focus on it and nudation came to mind. To make bare...a simple premise. Everyone gets naked. Everyone at some point has to look at their own body and like it or not.Its a daily event in our lives.You improve or allow to let it be comfortable. The freckles that liberally splatter my body in all places the sun hits and some it doesnt are becomming more pronounced.I am attaining some color to my face, my arms, but not my legs or midsection. My work hours dont promote tanning sessions nor a lot of time basking in the warm rays that might advance the tanning. Im accepting of the "whiteness" of my skin and probably won't look too bad as I age gracefully? I look great? in a black bra so who cares. There are a few scars to be instantly seen. I suppose that outside scars are the easy part of life. A quick story and its told how they happened. Everyone wears them as a badge of honor? I have listened as scars were explained by people on their bodies and they seem proud? that when ....................... "I was 5, I jumped off a barn roof." Heres the scar to prove, Im a daredevil by nature.

"One night, camping..I was a bit tipsy and decided to walk over a log across a ravine, fell off and broke my ankle." Heres the scar to prove, some people just shouldn't drink and try to make decisions.

"This one came from a utility knife. I was cutting drywall and slipped." A simple accident, they will happen. Better than missing fingers I see on some carpenters.

My scars are simple ones..No stories other than mundane reality. But still a life story none the less?

I have had 2 c-sections. Two wonderful ( of course I'd say that) daughters. Both of them taking what I think are my weaknessess and some of the strong points of my genes while leaving the outward scar on my tummy..
One strong to the point of brash. In your face and she wont let up til she has what she wants. Nevermind that sometimes it gets her into trouble when what she wants isn't exactly what she needs. She is quick to laugh, easy to talk to and makes friends with anyone she is in contact with.
The youngest, easily hurt, quieter, caring and fewer friends, but loyal to those she has. She whines sometimes to get what she wants and I suppose she catches me on my weak days and it has proven results to determine, that works with mom.
There are a few tiny "other" scars upon my body. Easily explained and not one occuring when tipsy or being a daredevil. One was incurred during a carpentry attempt and very seldom do I pick up a sharp razor knife anymore.
Ive rambled it seems, and for those who expected titalating graphic body talk. Sorry. But I'm sure I lost that interest group long ago in this blog.
Quite possibly orgasms should be the next topic for the only purpose of the wants vs needs part of my personality that seems to be upfront in my mind lately. A character "scar" of my own personal wounds? or... of my own personal doctoring of thyself?

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