Voluptuous Vibrations  

whineyblonde0r 55F
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7/3/2006 4:57 pm
Voluptuous Vibrations

Impure,rampant,lustful,lewd, lacivious,lecherous: Hot damn, Such nice words to ramble through ones head. Vibrations...that also elicites sexual thoughts within my brain. I feel like a Pavlov dog experiment sometimes within my own body. I start to think of some sexual thought and before I know it...DING DING...a bell goes off and my body automatically responds to the stimulus. And instead of reflexively salivating..my lower regions start to exude um... stuff...
It seems that the last few blogs Ive written are sexual in nature in some way. Oh well.(shrugs)..that is what life is about ultimately????
Back to vibrations...Toys, OMG..they are so much fun to play with, and a man who promotes using them in the bedroom is the ultimate in self assured in his manliness. (According to me) One who will make sure you are being pleased, teased and no matter how that comes about, he ends up the benifactor anyway.
I have tried many different types of toys, one of the best being a "rabbit" type that stimulated my clit as well as having the dildo vibrating inside of me. The other being a standard plug in "back massager" The intensity of it was so overwhelming it brought almost instantaneous multiple orgasms. Even following those massive orgasms..placed just right again against my clit..OMG...Moreeeee.... It is a shame that one belonged to a dating partner and he wasnt kindly enough to let me have it for my very own..I think that was kinda selfish of him...lol....Another type, the smaller vibrator..such a versatile thing, placed against the clit..mmm...placed just on the outside/inside few inches..or in the rear..such a good feeling for both people when done doggy and he feels the vibrations thru the thin skin separating the ah portals. Just make sure you havent got a heart condition...its intense...
One of which I havent tried but want to is the remote "egg"..it seems like a fun thought to me to go out and have that unexpected vibration going off when your partner feels the need to push a button on it. I can just imagine the response it would elicite in me and..(looking around the room) hopefully that might have to be done in a place I didnt think I would be going back to, cause there would be some stares given me during the final buzzes....Maybe I could explain Im practicing for a Herbal Essance shampoo commercial?

rm_reif69 49M

7/4/2006 8:42 pm

Hey sweety I have one of those vibrating egg toys that has a rubber ring to wear durring sex and it does work wonderfully for both people. I give to remote to the women for they know what speed feels best at the time. Keep up with the interesting blogs and I'm sure I will chat with you sometime.

Later Eric

whineyblonde0r 55F
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7/4/2006 10:33 pm

ERIC>>>>> let me try it.........lmao..(drunken talk here too) (smiles)

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